Efficiency doesn’t matter …

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Efficiency doesn’t matter …

Hey Coach!

What’s the first thing people do when they want to increase their productivity? 

They look for cool new productivity apps… 

They try out complicated email tools or note-taking software… 

They follow a fancy new morning routine… 

But these things don’t matter much. 

They might make you a little bit more efficient, but not more effective.  

I would take being effective over efficient any day.  

The length and success of your career depends on your ability to get results. 

As Legendary management expert Peter Drucker said: 

“Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.” 

Efficiency is doing any task – no matter how important it is – a little faster and a little better than before. 

But efficiency doesn’t matter if you’re not working on the right things. 

To quote Peter Drucker once again: 

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” 

It’s much more important to focus on increasing your effectiveness. 

Effectiveness is about doing what gets results. 

It’s about working on the highest-impact tasks that actually move the needle forward in life/coaching/recruiting. 

So, if you want to radically increase your productivity, don’t go looking for new fancy productivity apps, note-taking tools, or morning routines. 

Instead, spend more time reflecting on what’s most important… 

Identify your most essential, highest-priority tasks. 

Identify the work that needs to be done if you want to succeed at your goals. 

Identify the activities that generate the results you’re looking for. 

That’s going to supercharge your performance. 

As writer Margarita Tartakovsky said: 

“Productivity isn’t about being a workhorse, keeping busy or burning the midnight oil… It’s more about priorities, planning and fiercely protecting your time.” 

To your success,  

Mandy Green 


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