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In the book “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield, he talks about a force that he called resistance. He explains that this resistance comes against you… trying to keep you from becoming who you were really meant to be. But this doesn’t have to stop YOU from becoming a great recruiter (or feel free to insert whatever title/identity you are trying to become great at). So here are the three steps to take on your way to becoming a great recruiter next year.
The constant theme in the world today is to focus on your mindset.
So here’s my big question to you: Are you putting your well-being before your career or program?
If you want to discover how to be more successful, stop looking for what you need to do and start deciding what are you willing not to do.
"Don't let yourself become the bottleneck here... if we can buy speed by delegating to other people, you'll be more effective and you will build your program faster"