Overcoming Brain Drain

How to retain top talent and stop the exodus of skilled workers from your company or community. This post offers solutions to reverse brain drain.

Overcoming Brain Drain



Is your phone a tool that serves you, or is it a source of constant distraction?  


For more of us, it is definitely a distraction.  


I was reading an article this weekend that was talking about how having your phone in front of you or even in your pocket is scientifically proven to create ‘brain drain’. 


Here’s how it works: your brain expends energy trying to ignore the constant stimuli from your phone, leaving you mentally fatigued and less efficient. 


Not good.  


Today I want to pass along a list of ideas for you to try to help you avoid brain drain: 

  1. Streamline Your Apps: Start by uninstalling unnecessary apps. Pare down your digital clutter to the essentials, freeing up mental bandwidth for more important tasks. 
  2. Desktop Dominance: Reserve your phone for essential communication only. Utilize platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook on your desktop whenever possible, reserving your phone for learning purposes if needed. 
  3. Organize Your Home Screen: If certain apps must remain on your phone, relegate distracting ones like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to secondary screens. Keep your home screen reserved for productivity tools and essential apps. 
  4. Notification Control: Take charge of your notifications. Turn off non-essential alerts, allowing only crucial reminders like calendar notifications to break your focus. 
  5. Traditional Timekeeping: Invest in a wristwatch to keep track of time. Relying on a physical timepiece reduces the temptation to check your phone for the time, minimizing distractions. 
  6. Tools for Focus: Explore productivity tools like Focusmate, designed to help you control phone usage and stay on task. Leverage technology to your advantage in combating digital distractions. 
  7. Utilize Alternative Tools: Opt for offline solutions where possible. Carry a keychain with a built-in flashlight instead of relying on your phone for illumination. 

Not only bad for productivity… your phone likely creates a distraction for your relationship with kids, spouse, family and friends. 

Research suggests that phone distractions can strain relationships with loved ones, including children, spouses, family, and friends. By taking control of your digital habits, you pave the way for deeper connections and more meaningful interactions outside of coaching. 


By proactively managing your device usage and implementing strategies to combat brain drain, you can unlock greater productivity and maintain healthier relationships both on and off the field.


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To your success,  

Mandy Green 

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