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I believe that a simple way to achieve your goals faster is to be intentional about working on vital tasks that will help you reach your goals during your magic time.  
Do you struggle to find enough time in your day to manage your social media accounts?
Your inability to get FOCUSED will kill your career/program/recruiting before the competition ever gets a chance.
Tired of burning the midnight oil? Learn how establishing work stop times can help college coaches stay productive and sane.
In my 23 years’ experience as a college soccer coach, I realize that there are millions of sources of information and things for you to consume as a coach. It’s important to figure out a way to control these streams so you have more time to do things that matter.
Win tomorrow today with a great plan. A great routine always starts the night before.  Take 10 minutes tonight to plan tomorrow.  These are the 3 things I want you to plan for.