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Are you struggling to get everything done? Feeling overwhelmed and like your always behind? Check out these 11 tactics for getting more done this week than your competitors will do all month. From being more organized to optimizing your time, these tips will help you take control of your schedule and finally start making progress!
So stick with me for the next two minutes and I’ll show you the 7 steps I use to fix my one-on-one coaching clients work schedules…
What I’m about to share is Blunt. Real. Vulnerable. And different than what I usually post on Sunday's but please hang in there because this could be extremely valuable advice for you at the moment.
You need to hear this advice from one of my mentors, the founder of Early to Rise, Mark Ford.  He calls it:  
Are you clear on your big Why and Purpose for coaching?  
Simply, every time I want to get something done, I promise myself a little gift that I’ll get to enjoy ONLY once I have completed the work.