A Simple Productivity Habit That is the Key to Building a Program

Building a program is hard. But this post reveals the surprisingly simple productivity habit that experts say is the key to consistent progress and results.

A Simple Productivity Habit That is the Key to Building a Program

Hey Coach,

One of the many lessons I learned the hard way over my 30 years as either an athlete, as a coach, or as a consultant to coaches, is that it will be tough to build a program if you are stuck being busy all day putting out fires, responding to emails, or choosing to work on unimportant stuff. 


Every day presents new challenges and opportunities.  


I believe to stay in this profession for as long as possible and to actually build a program that you love working in everyday, it’s essential to cultivate productivity habits that amplify our impact.  (This is why I do this newsletter). 


Today, I want to help you do this by sharing a small piece of what I have been sharing on the Winning the Week Friday Planning Sessions.   


On these calls, we have been committing to and blocking out the time for a simple productivity habit that can revolutionize your weekly routine and elevate your effectiveness in achieving key team and recruiting objectives.   


The simple habit I am talking about is the power of prioritization. 


One of the most transformative productivity habits I’ve found is to start each week by identifying my top three priorities. This simple practice, which takes only a few minutes, yields remarkable results in enhancing productivity and driving meaningful progress. 


Just to get your wheels spinning, here are 3 possible ideas for priorities you could set for this week: 

  1. Elevate Your Mission:  Select one task aimed at elevating your program’s mission and success. This could involve moving your recruits to the next step in the recruiting process, devising training regimens tailored to individual player development, or strategizing game plans to outmaneuver opponents. By prioritizing initiatives that align with your program’s overarching goals, you ensure that your efforts directly contribute to its competitiveness and excellence.  
  2. Foster Personal Growth: Devote time to a task that nurtures your personal growth and well-being. Whether it’s dedicating a few minutes to physical exercise, taking a mindfulness break, or engaging in professional development activities, investing in your health and growth is essential for sustaining productivity and resilience in the demanding field we are in. Or, you could choose to devote time to a task that nurtures the growth and well-being of your players. Whether it’s conducting one-on-one coaching sessions, organizing team-building activities, or providing academic support and mentorship, investing in your players’ holistic development is paramount for fostering a culture of success both on and off the field of play for your sport.
  3. Strengthen Operational Efficiency: Identify one task aimed at enhancing operational efficiency or effectiveness within your coaching processes. This could involve streamlining your on-campus visit procedure, you could optimize practice schedules and logistics, or implement data-driven strategies to improve decision-making. By prioritizing initiatives that streamline workflows and eliminate bottlenecks, you empower yourself and your team to work more efficiently and strategically. 


A key piece that I want to make sure you notice is that we are prioritizing progress, not busyness.   


Contrary to popular belief, success is not synonymous with busyness.  


While it’s tempting to equate a packed schedule with being successful, true effectiveness lies in focusing on the right tasks that yield tangible results.  


By adopting a disciplined approach to prioritization, you shift from being merely busy to being truly effective in advancing your career and organizational objectives. 


Action Point for this week: If you are interested in developing the habit of planning and prioritizing your week, register for the next Winning Your Week Friday Planning Session on March 22nd from 2-2:30.  This isn’t a one and done thing.  Every week you should be planning out the next week.  Every week is different.  Each week your priorities might change.  I am not selling anything.  Just trying to help you develop the habit of prioritizing your week with key activities that will help you build your program. 


Next, take a moment to identify your top three priorities—tasks that align with your program’s mission, nurture your personal growth, and enhance operational efficiency.  


Commit to the block of time where you will accomplish these priorities no matter what, and watch as your productivity soars and your impact expands. 


Have a great week!  Hope to see you on Friday at my next Winning the Week Friday Planning Session.  


To your continued productivity and success as a coach, 


Mandy Green 

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