Do THIS One Minute After Waking to Increase Productivity By Up To 500%

Are mornings your most unproductive time of day? Follow this neuroscience-backed 1-minute morning routine immediately after waking up to increase productivity by up to 500%.

Do THIS One Minute After Waking to Increase Productivity By Up To 500%

I believe how you spend your mornings determines the outcome of your entire day. 


The problem is that 99% of people start their day incorrectly.


When you first wake up in the morning, what do you do? 


Hit the snooze button? 


Grab your phone and start scrolling to see if that recruit emailed you? 


Or maybe you jump out of bed right away, but by the time you get to your office, you feel overwhelmed with what to do next, so you start doing unproductive, meaningless tasks. A few hours go by, and you feel you “worked” a lot but didn’t actually get anything done? 


If you answered, “yes” – I want you to know you’re not alone. 


Many of us have bad morning habits (myself included…) 


And common wisdom suggests for us to build a morning routine. 


There is a ton of advice out there saying that to win your day, you need a morning routine that consists of meditation, cold showers, exercise, reading, journaling, etc. 


Everybody seems to have their opinion as to which morning routine is best to get you off to a productive start.   


I’ve read a lot of the research. (It’s confusing if you ask me because everybody says something different). 


The first thing I will say is you do you.  Whatever works for you is the best thing to do.  Everybody is different.   


I have tried it all over the years and what I have found to work best is to within the first 15-20 minutes of getting up in the morning, I get to work right away on an important task.     


I watched an interesting YouTube video on getting to work right away called Work 1 Minute After Waking Up.  It’ll Change Your Life.  


Rian Doris in this video says to optimize the first part of your day to increase productivity by up to 500% you should start working within 1 minute of waking up to take advantage of flow state.  

It takes me 15 minutes to get started because I have to feed and let out my dogs and get water and coffee. 😊


Here is the process Doris recommends to get in an ideal state first thing in the morning:

Step 1: Prepare in advance: Set up your tasks the night before in extreme detail, so you save time figuring out what to do. Untangle the first step of the first step so you can mindlessly enter the task.

Step 2: Allocate enough time in the morning: Aim for a 1-3 hour flow block of dedicated high-priority work to harness the flow state and start your day strong..”

Step 3: Eliminate distractions: Keep all phones, emails, texts, and other communication off during your flow block. Avoid wasting prime attention on distractions or reactivity.

Step 4: Wake up and flow. Instead of an elaborate routine, wake up and dive into your highest-priority work, not in an hour, not even in 10 or 15 minutes. We’re talking within 90 seconds of opening your eyes. It’ll be a struggle at first, but within 15 minutes, you’ll be deep in flow.

Step 5: After your 1-3 hour morning flow session, run a “Reboot Routine” for optimal recovery.


Give it a try coach!  I’d love to hear what your morning routine is.  


The morning is the single BEST time for starting your day right by focusing and getting work done so that the rest of your day is effortless and productive. 


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