We all have monkey brains, and the active novel new shining object will usually win out. Prevention is the cure.

Why You Need an ADD System

Hi Coach,

One of the reasons I was not always at my best as a coach or as a recruiter, if I am being honest, had to do with allowing myself to get distracted by 1,000 things. 

Self-inflicted wounds to your success as a coach hurt the most, I think.  

I was and still am guilty of allowing that to happen.

Now that I am on the consulting side of the coaching profession, not going to lie, it is a relief to hear that other coaches have the same issue.

I thought I was the only one. 

I talk to a dozen+ coaches every single week and I get a lot of questions about how the super successful keep their balance, energy, their discipline, and laser like focus.

One of the many very valuable lessons that I have learned from my mentor Darren Hardy is that the super successful coaches and people in the business world have ADD (not attention deficit disorder, although candidly many do, which is probably why they developed this other ADD).

The ADD system that Darren Hardy taught me and now I want to teach you is to get an active distraction defense system.

Today I am going to share with you why you need this.  In a few days, I am going to share with you how to create a system for yourself.

So, do you remember the Star Wars program of the 1980s? The Star Wars program (not the movie), designed by Ronald Reagan during the Cold War with the Russians, was essentially designed to create a sort of protective bubble of sorts so that any missile that was launched at us would be shot out of the sky before it ever reached our shores.

This is the kind of ADD system that super achievers have built around themselves to protect them from any missiles of distraction far before they ever reach the shores of their attention.

Coach, I believe you need that type of system now more than ever because we are living in an era of epic distraction and temptation.

What’s ironic is these tools (the phone) that we invented to make life easier, more convenient, more productive and efficient have done just the opposite.

What these devices have done is opened up Pandora’s box. These devices open windows, literally windows, all these windows, giving direct and immediate and constant access to our attention.

Now anyone can email, text, tweet, direct message, or RSS feed you 24/7.

And just as surely as having a leash tied to your neck, they can give it a sharp yank at any time. And they do endlessly all day. Every day.

We thought these devices would make life easier and more relaxed. We thought we were saving time. Instead, all we did is we revved up the treadmill of our coaching lives 10 times its former speed.

There are more requests, demands and solicitations on your time and attention making our days more anxious and agitated because we know that we are getting pulled away from higher priority things. It’s no wonder we are overwhelmed and under producing.

We’re unsatisfied and unfulfilled. We’re unhappy. We’re frustrated, anxious, and discouraged.

These devices are also thermal nuclear in their addictiveness. It is not just the communication system and platforms themselves. It is the reach now that media and commercial marketing has to your attention. And there is a high price bounty on your head, your eyes, and your attention.

It is important to know what you are up against here. Inside these news and entertainment media companies and inside the offices of Silicon Valley are ridiculously smart, experienced, and seductive distraction dealers. They have become masters at packaging stimuli in ways that our brains find simply irresistible and highly addictive. Just look around you in a coaches meeting, at Starbucks, in a restaurant, or church for goodness sakes. Geez, I was out for a hike with my family yesterday and 2 young girls we walked past were looking at their phones and not in the moment with each other or enjoying where they were.

I bet you know exactly what I am talking about.

People are being screened sucked by these addictive devices. The situation is more urgent than most people realize.

And what worries me is people, even those with a sincere desire to succeed, provide a good life for their family will have no chance. They will be sidelined in these radically changing times.

We’ve already started to see feel those effects.

We are working longer, we’re working harder, and we’re more stressed out and overwhelmed than we’ve ever been in human history. We are still not producing our goals or aspirations as we would desire.

It’s not your fault entirely, you’re human. And what most people don’t understand about humans is when presented with temptation and distraction, human willpower and discipline will fail 100% of the time over time.  We all have a hard time staying focused and saying no to the distractions.

Everyone falls prey to the constant shock of temptation bombardment. We all have monkey brains, and the active novel new shining object will usually win out.

Now having said all of that, what the super successful have done is they created an active distraction defense system (ADD)

This is a protective bubble of sorts so that any distraction missile that is launched at them is shot out of the sky before it ever reaches the shores of their attention.

The only way to resist the sirens of distractions is to not have to resist at all.  Over time, prevention is the cure. Write that down in your notes. Here it is again. Prevention is the cure.

That is the secret distinction here. I hope that you are catching onto this. It has never been more urgent or important to do so than it is right now to provide your family with the life that you want to give them.

You have to be the one in control of your attention. You have to take back control of your attention, your focus, your creative capacity, and potential to take back control of your life.

You need to set up your own active distraction defense system. If you were ever wondering how the super successful keep their balance, energy, their discipline, and laser light focus, this is how.

They don’t let the world yank them around by the neck. They don’t even need discipline, willpower, or self-control with these systems in place. They are free to fly. They don’t even have the drag of resistance.

If you really want to thrive in today’s radically changing and advancing world, you need an ADD system of your own put in place. The cost not too is too great. Not just the loss of potential productivity and a result of health, relationships, and sanity. Once your ADD system is in place, you’ll gain impenetrable piece of mind, confidence, clarity, and laser like focus.

Like I mentioned earlier, today I just wanted to share with you why you need to do this.  Over the next week, I want to give you the advantage over your competitors by providing you with certain tools and helping you set up specific systems to put you back in the captain’s chair of your attention, mind, focus and potential, no matter who you are or what you do. These systems will change the game for you.

To your success,

Mandy Green

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