Do you want to double or even triple their performance almost overnight? What is your ONE thing?

Mandy Green

What is your ONE Thing Right Now?

Hi Coach,

I’m a big believer that…

“If you want to do great things, you must do fewer things.”

For example…

Earlier this year for a Total Recruiting Solution Client of ours, it started by helping this staff segment their database.

At first…

They were trying to keep up with over 200 recruits and giving everybody the same time and attention…

And for the 3-4 months before we had this conversation, they felt overwhelmed keeping up with all of it.

But when we got focused on one segment of their recruiting database…

…And I showed them how to put all of their time and energy into making that group feel wanted and then how to manage the others.

This staff went from getting pulled in a million different directions to within 2 months, they had gotten their first 6 commits.

But here’s the part of this conversation that most coaches miss.

Getting FOCUSED on one thing isn’t just essential for you

…But for every single member of your team.

I recently got an email from a coach in an athletic dept that I work with all year…

And he shared how they already have 6 commits and that this is the first time in all of his years of being a D3 coach that he has been able to wrap up his recruiting in the fall.

Simply by quitting the distracting projects that were stealing his time and attention away from recruiting (and a little pushing from me on asking for the commitment ?.

And I’ve seen the same thing play out with all of the coaches that I have helped or even with my own program when I was coaching full-time…

Whenever I get one of my staff focused on ONE thing and one thing only…

They’re able to double or even triple their performance almost overnight…

Simply because they have one clear objective and are able to focus on it relentlessly.

So if you or your recruiting is “struggling”…

And you’re not making the progress or getting the commitments you want to have at this time of the year…

Take a step back and ask yourself…

What is the ONE thing you need to focus on right now?

And what is the ONE thing your staff needs to focus on to help your recruiting to move along faster?

If you’ll focus on that and delegate, automate, or eliminate everything else…

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you can get this next recruiting class committed.

To Your Success,
Mandy Green

P.S. If you found this helpful, please share it with your coaching friends. I want to help eliminate as much coaching office chaos for as many coaches I can this year. If I can save you 1-2 hours a day and get you so you don’t have to bring as much work home with you (besides recruiting calls), you will have more time and energy to spend with your families, friends, and on your hobbies. Happier and more productive coaches have happier and more productive teams!

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