The pain of trying to do it all yourself is real.

Sound familiar – staying up late to redo everything yourself?

Hey Coach,

You thought you were clear, you thought it was going to be handled, you were excited to free up some of your own time so you could actually focus on the work that lights you up… or work that will progress your program further.

Instead you were dragged into every decision, conversation, and piece of a project you thought was finally going to be taken off your plate!

You’re pretty sure you now spend more time putting out fires than anything else, and instead of doing the work that lights you up and is probably the reason you got into coaching to begin with, you’re ready to throw a match on the whole thing and walk away!  

You’re constantly having to keep tabs on your people and check-in to make sure things are being done right…you have no idea who is doing what, when it’s getting done, or why it all seems to be taking so long.

🤬 🤬 🤬

And oh the pain of having to bring extra work home with you when you ended up staying late because you thought it would just be easier to do it yourself … that’s REAL. Been there, paid for that.  

If this sounds like your team members… I really think you MUST join us for our Delegation Workshop for Coaches.

If this sounds like exactly why you’re still a team of one… then you definitely should join us!

This is a non-negotiable skill you NEED as a leader and as a head coach or recruiting coordinator who manages others in the office.  If you haven’t mastered it,  don’t avoid it any longer!

It’s 4 days that will transform you from the overwhelmed, overworked micromanaging-control-freak that you currently resemble into an incredibly productive, and well-rested delegating PRO. (aka you’ll be able to sleep at night again, unless you have small children, and then I can’t help with that part).

You might be wondering how this will all go down…so here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. You enroll here: Delegation Workshop for Coaches
  2. We’ll kick things off on June 21st at 1pm EST.  
  3. Each morning I am going to send you a morning mindset training to get your head in the game.
  4. Then we’ll meet back up at 1pm ET every day for our Delegation Workshop for Coaches. I’ll teach + direct you on what action step to take that day, and answer any questions you’ve got!
  5. Every day you’ll get clear direction on your next steps which you’ll use on your one-pager Delegation Blueprint to map out!  
  6. You will get access to my drop box account that has all of the templates, SOP’s, and recruiting documents that I used over my 22-year college coaching career so you can implement faster.
  7. You will get ongoing email access support from me throughout the year to get all of your questions answered.    

You get all of this for just $49  when you join us NOW in the Delegation Workshop for Coaches!

Plus, there’s ZERO RISK on this one. And I mean it! My commitment to you is that if you don’t feel like you’ve received 10x ROI after the first day of the workshop — I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? Enrollment closes in just a few days!

Click here to join us today.

Success loves speed,

Mandy Green

 P.S. The bootcamp will take place from June 21-24th with live trainings at 1pm ET daily.

P.P.S If you can’t make it to the live trainings because of timezone, meetings, recruits on campus, you have to babysit your kiddos, etc., we totally get it! Don’t worry we will be providing a recording of the replay! However if you CAN make it I totally recommend it!

Success loves speed, 
Mandy Green

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