Many coaches get to a stage where they’re ready to get some help and delegate the tasks that the head coach shouldn’t be doing — but they struggle to make it work.

How many hats are you wearing coach?

Hey Coach,

My kids are now 8 and 11 and we certainly have spent a good amount of time reading over the years. I’ve become quite the connoisseur of children’s books, and the other day we were reading the classic, Caps for Sale.

Do you remember this book?

A peddler selling caps wears them all on his head at the same time. {Until *SPOILER!* they are stolen by a bunch of monkeys. Naturally ;}

It made me think, “Yep! He’s a college coach — wearing ALL THE HATS!”

As college coaches, we all wear a lot of hats, especially when we have little to no staff to work with. As you are able to bring on more staff, there’s an expectation that we’ll hand off some of those hats to others.

But that can be easier said than done.

Many {many} coaches get to a stage where they’re ready {more than ready!} to get some help and delegate the tasks that the head coach shouldn’t be doing — but they struggle to make it work.

In fact, many coaches have such a bad experience trying to delegate tasks, that it seems easier just to go back to doing it themselves — even if that means 80-hour work weeks + no possibility to make huge progress within your program or recruiting.

Does that sound like you?   

Maybe you tried hiring a new assistant with a different skill set than your last one to help you out… but still ended up doing the work yourself anyway.

Maybe you feel like you’re the only one who can do the tasks you need done… you can’t outsource your expertise, after all.

Maybe you don’t think you have the time to train your assistants on how to do the tasks the way you want them done.

Maybe it felt like a bunch of monkeys just showed up and stole all your hats!  {Ok, maybe not…}

Don’t feel too bad if any of that rings true — I hear stories like this ALL the time from the coaches who are my clients.

And there’s one simple, very important reason why: Nobody ever taught you how to delegate. Delegation is a skill! 

When you started as a young coach, you probably didn’t know how to set up your hotels, or do your budget, or how to reach out to recruits you are interested in — but you also didn’t expect yourself to know how to do it. You went out and researched it or got help.

But people don’t think about delegation that way. In some corner of our brains, we think we “should” be able to just do it.  Just tell the person what to do, right??


That’s why I created the Delegation Workshop for Coaches (I know, not the flashiest name ever) — to teach you the skills you need to successfully start delegating jobs to your assistants.

If you’ve struggled to delegate tasks in the past, it’s probably because you haven’t had the skills you need to:

→ Get clear on what you currently do, that could be done by someone else 😱.

→ Transfer ownership (not just assign tasks) quickly and efficiently.

→ Know exactly what YOU need to do each day to move the needle forward.

→ Manage the expectations and outcomes of your assistants and tools.

→ And move from micromanagement too oversight.

Once you have these skills, you can see some MAJOR breakthroughs — FAST.

BIG shifts can happen in just a few days — you just need the skills and tools  to make shifts happen!

I want that for you, too, Coach.

The Delegation Workshop for Coaches happens June 21st-June 24th.  It will last 1 hour each day from 1pm EST-2pm EST. 

The cost is $49 for 4 days of training, the recordings, templates, worksheets, and ongoing support after the workshop.   

Save your spot — and your sanity! — and join us. I promise you’ll have a whole new outlook on delegating and working with a team in your program.

No more monkeying around. 🙊

Success loves speed,

Mandy Green

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