I’m asking for 30 days of focused effort to make greater strides towards your career, program, or recruiting goals.

Mandy Green

My FREE 30-Day Daily Execution Challenge to You

Hi everyone,

Last week I shared a 4 Step Daily Execution Process for Coaches with the coaches who attended Dan Tudor’s NCRC 2019.  After sharing, I challenged the coaches to implement the steps I outlined for 30 days.  It occurred to me that I should share the information and offer up this FREE challenge to you as well.

Very quickly, here are the 4 steps that I outlined-

Replace your to-do list with a results list.  I want you to stop making to-do lists and focus instead on creating a results list. And by “result,” I mean, what is the end result I’m looking for from this work session?

A to-do list might have a line item that says “work on recruiting,” but that could mean anything.

So for example, if I organize my next recruiting trip, is that working on recruiting? If I segment my database, is that working on recruiting? If I go to drinks with a fellow coach and we discuss our recruiting, is that recruiting? No. None of it counts as working on recruiting when what I really need is to get closer to committing the 3-4 recruits that I need in this next class. Right now, the only thing that matters is getting commitments and to do that I need to create movement. So, on my results list I will list: move my top 10 list to the next mile marker. That’s the result I want. There’s no way to sort of move them. You either do it or you don’t.

Reevaluate efficiency. Once you know the best results to aim for, the next question you want to ask yourself is, “Is there something I could be doing that would make this more efficient?”

When it comes to your results list, the question should be, What’s the one thing I could do right now, today, that would help me achieve all of this faster, easier, more efficiently?

Create your own productive environment. The key is to create an environment that can get you into the zone wherever you happen to be. It could be different kinds of playlists, or a certain song played on repeat over and over and over like white noise, that helps me focus and get into production mode, even in the most hectic of places. For you it could be a certain smell, a certain type of gum you chew (no, this is not crazy), the same exact coffee order at Starbucks—any kind of repetitious cue you can give to your brain that it’s time to focus.

Course correct.  It’s easy to get sidetracked, and it’s even easier to be moving so quickly in a direction that you don’t realize it’s the wrong direction. I recommend a check-in with yourself every Sunday. Sunday is the easiest time for me because it’s when I plan out my week. I take the time to focus in on the outcome I want for the week and then ask myself if I’m really, truly headed in the direction I want to go. If so, great! If not, what can I do this week to ensure that I get the results I’m looking for? Do an efficiency audit and figure out where you need to tighten up and shift your focus.

Hopefully that makes sense.  Please email me if you would like me to elaborate on all of it.

When it comes to working through a daily execution plan, the bottom line is this: You’re already doing the work. You’re already putting in the time, and it would be such a waste if you were depleting your energy for no reason, or worse, potentially wasting a tremendous amount of time simply because you haven’t figured out how to make greater strides toward your goal.

And as coaches, the reality is that we have a lot of people counting on us to do our job well. And to do perform well, we need to be able to consistently bring our best self every day.

But, have you ever noticed that sometimes you’re inconsistent?

Some days you show up and you just crush it and knock it out of the park. You have an amazing day at work, you get the right things done, you’re efficient, focused, motivated, driven, you’re awesome with people, your spouse loves, and the team likes you. It’s a great day.

And other days you struggle just to pay attention, you kind of show up and go on automatic pilot, you’re grumpy, or you’re doing a lot of busy work but you’re not actually achieving anything.  It’s frustrating and makes it really hard to be your best.

If this describes you at all, I would love for you to take part in my 30-Day Daily Execution Challenge.

I’ve gone out and studied the best and how they have figured out and produced extraordinary results in compacted periods of time with less effort and more joy.  I have tested and tried all of these different methods that I am going to share with you over the next 30 days making my coaching life a laboratory of proof positive what works and what doesn’t work in my own life. I have found what is applicable and relevant to what we do as coaches.

Over the next 30 days, I want to help you establish a daily work routine with the foundation being the techniques I mentioned above.  To help you with your execution, today at 5pm EST I am doing a quick webinar to run you through the steps.  To continue to support your efforts over the next 30 days, I am going to be sending short emails or videos to help keep you on track, and a tracking tool to help you track and monitor your progress.  The challenge will start as soon as you decide to join. ?

I am putting the finishing touches on this right now so if you want in on this challenge, just email me at mandy@busy.coach and I will get you going from there.

Have a great week.

Mandy Green

Busy Coach President

To schedule a free 30 minute call with me click here http://www.meetme.so/mandygreen

P.S.  If you have found this article helpful, please share it with your staff or other work colleagues!  Studying time and energy management over these last 8 years and applying it to my coaching and recruiting has been a game changer for me.  I am committed to helping coaches get more important work done in less time so more time can be spent with family and friends.  Thanks!

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