Why you should listen to fewer podcasts


Hey Coach,
I’m gonna level with you…
There’s one thing that always drives me nuts:
Coaches who aren’t reaching their goals but they still…
a) Workout too much.
b) Never miss an episode of their 17 favorite podcasts.

  1. c) Keep saying yes to every new committee or project that comes up that is not a part of your job description.

    If this sounds like you… Please Stop.

    Just stop.
    Stop with the daily marathon workouts. Stop binging on information.  Say no to the things are extra and would be nice to do.
    Stop letting little things get in the way of big things – like giving enough time to recruiting. Building your program.  Or family time.
    YES, you need to move daily for health and creativity. 
    But NO, you do not need to train as much as you did in college or high school when you had 8 hours a day of free time.
    You’re not a pro athlete. And you’re not 17 years old anymore.
    So that means you gotta give up the excessive workouts and sports.
    Your #1 priority in life is not beating your personal best in a Tough Mudder race.
    Listen, by no means am I saying you should give up fitness OR athletic competition…
    Just take a hard look at how much time it gets in your life.
    A lot of coaches also consume too much information and get overloaded.
    You need to be ruthless about your inputs, cut back on “general” info, and stick to specifics.
    Every time you listen to some podcast host rant about their ideals, you’re really just distracting yourself from what actually matters, rather than learning anything that will move the needle. 
    Frankly, it’s no different than watching Game of Thrones.
    You might think there is a badge of honor in saying you’ve listened to all 371 episodes of a particular show. 
    But the last time I checked, you can’t cash a playlist in at the bank.
    Hey, I understand if you want to throw a podcast on during a run… or commuting to work.
    But if you feel obligated to keep up with multiple podcasts every day…
    PLEASE give yourself a break.
    I promise you it’s not that important.
    If you want to reach the next level… 
    More generic podcast information is NOT the answer. 
    You need customized, tactical advice on exactly what will help build your program.
    So here’s my challenge to you starting today and through the rest of the week:
    Ruthlessly cut your distractions. 
    Over exercising… Over consuming (information, calories, alcohol, etc.) … 
    And get to the ROOT cause of why you pursue these distractions.
    Then deal with that root cause… 
    So you can direct your energy more efficiently back into your family, your program, recruiting, BIG thinking, health, rest & recovery time.
    Try this for 7 days — heck try it for 2 days — and I promise you’ll find the difference well worth it.
    To Your Success,
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