Do you have a way to make sure your staff is aligned with your vison?

The Weekly Alignment Meeting

As I continue to try to help coaches maximize the staff that you have,  I want to share with you the 2nd rhythm that highly successful coaches use to better manage their staff. 

The second meeting rhythm is something I originally learned from my mentor Craig Ballentyne called the “Weekly Alignment Meeting” or WAM.

I used this when I was still coaching full-time and now, I teach this to my clients who are in my coaching program.

The goal of the weekly alignment meeting is (surprise!) to make sure that your whole staff is aligned with the core mission, 90-day goals, and weekly sprints.

The meeting flow using works like this…


Everyone on the staff will go around the horn and share one piece of “good news” personally and professionally.

This breaks the ice and helps the team bond and relax before diving into the deep thinking and  brainstorming that will make this meeting so effective.

Next, we share any “Team Intelligence” they’ve gathered during the previous week.

For example:

  • Administrative issues that need to be resolved
  • Questions that keep coming up about travel or playing time
  • Problems individuals on the team are having
  • Objections during the recruiting process

And anything else that will help the staff serve your team or recruits more effectively.

Next, you’ll dive into your “Critical Number” and 90- day theme.

For example, right now, a client I work with has a 90-day theme of “Alignment” (which they’re accomplishing by doubling down on these meeting rhythms!) and their critical number is “30 new on-campus visits this fall.”

So during each WAM, I have them review the progress they’ve made toward hitting their critical number and share any ideas or insights around how they can live into their quarterly theme.

(I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of Scaling Up by Verne Harnish to get clear on your critical number and quarterly theme.  Even though it is written for a business audience, it has a lot of application for college coaches).

After reviewing the progress from the previous week, move into the next section of the meeting (and the longest) “Collective Intelligence.”

This is a 15-30 minute segment where everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and

insights and the team can work together to collaborate and move the program closer to its

critical number.

You can use this time to ask questions like:

  • Is there anything we need to start/stop/double down on to hit our goal?
  • What are we missing?
  • How can we make this process smoother?
  • What are the biggest obstacles?

Encourage everyone to share something and be sure to have someone making notes of any specific

action steps you identify.

Finally, you’ll move into the WWW.

Who? What? When?

During this section of the meeting, you need to get specific on the key projects that need to be completed in the next 1-2 weeks to get the program closer to its critical number…

… And then decide “Who does what by when?” to ensure these projects are completed.

Then wrap up by either rating the meeting or having everyone share a “One Phrase Close”

(where everyone shares one sentence to describe how the meeting went and how they’re feeling).

Next week, I will share the 3 weekly meeting rhythm of highly successful coaches. 

I’d like to do this, if you have a question about this or anything having to do with being a productive coach or recruiter, text me at 319-621-2384…yeah go ahead and text me.

Ask me whatever you want, and I’ll answer. 

Yup me…personally. 

So go ahead. You and your staff could be one strategy away from potentially having a breakthrough year.

Take advantage of this ASAP!

I’m waiting by my phone! 


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