The one thing I know for sure you need to sacrifice if you're going to be great and achieve your goals is comfort.  

The one thing you will need to sacrifice to be great

Happy Sunday Coach!

You know that it takes sacrifice to be great.  

While I think there are a number of things to sacrifice in order to be great, I continue to put out this newsletter every Sunday to help you make sure that your family, health, and your sanity are never sacrificed.     

The one thing I know for sure you need to sacrifice if you’re going to be great and achieve your goals is comfort.  

Because the reality is if you’re going to achieve more than you currently have, if you’re going to raise the level of performance in any area, then you’re going to have to do things differently and do different things.  

If you want something you don’t currently have, you’re going to have to do something you’re not currently doing. That means different activity. That means change.  

And yet, as humans, we are wired for comfort, we tend to choose comfort. We like that. There’s a portion of our brain that is really wired for that. 

Our brain leads us to that and so in a moment of truth when you have these actions that you’re facing on a daily basis, it’s really easy to look at those and go you know what, I can do these hard things later.  

I can do hard things tomorrow and choose what’s familiar and what’s comfortable in the moment.  

Think about the adjustments you are making with your team for this next season or with your recruiting. If there’s new actions in the plan, that means you haven’t done them before. There’s going to be a level of discomfort because there’s some lack of familiarity with them. There’s some uncertainty about what it’s going to actually create.  

And so at the moment of truth, it’s just easier to say, well, you know what, I’m going to do what I’ve been doing.  You and I both know that staying in your comfort zone is not going to get you the results you need that’s not going to take you to the next level.  

So whatever your goals are as we wrap up this spring and start planning for this next upcoming year, whether it’s trying a new type of offense, trying a few different recruiting strategies, getting back in shape, or setting stronger stop work times so you can get home sooner, you will need to be willing to sacrifice the comfort in the moment you will you will need to choose those activities over what’s comfortable and what’s familiar in the moment.  

Otherwise, you’ll just continue to put off your goals. 

So here’s my challenge for today. Take a look at the tactics and actions around your goals you have set up for this upcoming week. I want you to intentionally choose to do those first, even though they may be difficult or uncomfortable. 

The only way you’re ever going to get comfortable with them is if you start to act on them.    

It’s going to take you’re doing it over and over and over again to the point where you become competent with it and now becomes part of the way you operate part of your comfort zone.  

And that’s really the way we take new ground.  

So be intentional about that today. Identify the actions in the plan that are the most difficult for you that maybe you’re finding yourself shying away from and tackle those first.  

Have a great day.

Mandy Green 

Busy Coach

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