Consistent effort is required to be successful at anything. Not just any effort, though. I’m talking strategic effort. Focused effort on those essential, key things that will get you where you want to go.

Plan your time off or it won’t happen

If you’re busy, plan your time off (otherwise you’ll never take the time off)

A goal of mine this year is to take 3 non-working vacations this year.

Last year I took those vacations…

But wound-up working for at least an hour each day while I was there.

So they weren’t true “non-work” vacations.

A few weeks ago I finally booked a week off in June to go to visit family in San Diego.

My plan when I’m there is to not work…

No emails…

No anything…

Just relax and enjoy myself.

For most coaches, just the sound of this is terrifying.

I remember the first time I did a no-work vacation, I thought everything was gonna full apart without me.

But that wasn’t the case.

In fact, nothing happened.

I didn’t miss anything.

No emergencies came up.

And guess what?

I felt amazing taking a full week off without even thinking about work.

It took me a day or two to get used to it.

But once I did, I was able to relax and simply enjoy the time off.

Which was much needed.

Now here’s what’s important about this…

This vacation has been on my calendar since last December.


Because I know if I don’t actually plan time off in advance, it won’t happen.

I’ll just keep working…

Even if I know I need a break.

The structure of actively planning out a vacation (or even a day off) is crucial for me.

So my advice?

If you’re the ambitious type…

Plan your time off far in advance. 

Don’t wait ‘til you need a break.

Have that vacation already planned out…

Ideally, you can go on a planned time out every 90 days or so.

And then protect that time off with all your might (no canceling at the last minute cause you have too much work).

Works like a charm to recharge your batteries.

You have a lot of people counting on you coach.  Taking time off isn’t selfish.

Short burst of time off will help you come back a well-rested, more energetic, happier version of you . . .which will make you a better coach in the long run.

I preach taking time off a lot cause I’ve run myself into the ground too many times from NOT taking time off.

So if you’re not taking time off (i.e. non-working time off)

I suggest you do.

Your body and your mind will thank you for it.


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