Is excellence a value that you consistently work towards?

Hey there! Ever wonder if aiming for excellence is worth it? Let's chat about it! Join us as we talk about working towards being our best selves every day. Come along for the ride!

Is excellence a value that you consistently work towards?

Happy Sunday Coach.  

I hope that last week you had a phenomenal week of progress. 

You experienced a lot of joy working with your team.  

You feel a sense of deep appreciation for the opportunity to get another week on this planet to do what you get to do for a living.  

And in some way, you moved towards something that was important to you last week.  

I hope you tried something new, you worked smart, and you gave your best.  

And ultimately, you’re excited to look back on your week because you’re thinking that it was a good one.  

Hopefully your feel this way.  

If not, I can help you fix it.  

My goal in this article is to get you back on track.  

Or to optimize what you are already doing so you can improve the quality of your work and get results faster than ever.    

To do this, today and over the next few weeks, I want to get into the process for winning the week.  

I think a big formula for success week by week starts by having a vision for excellence.  

Now, I hear all the time that achieving excellence is a part of most coach’s mission statement.   

You might even have it written on the wall in your office or maybe it is on a card that you read occasionally. 

I want to know if excellence was a value that you intentionally worked towards this week? 

What does excellence look like for you?  

Excellence for me is showing up with maximum presence and effort.   

It’s a big deal.  

Excellence starts with a simple designation in your life where you say, hey, this week,  

I have vision for excellence.  

I have a vision for a good week.  

I have the intention to show up to do the work.  

And to give maximal presence and effort.  

I know that’s seemingly easy to comprehend, but you and I both know that’s hard to achieve week after week as we work with our teams, work through the 65 hats that you must wear, as you try to make an impact in your community, and as we try to be creative and loving with our families.  

It’s not easy.  

One of the challenges we all face is there’s so much going on in the world that it’s very easy to become more unconscious, to kind of tap out of our own freewill, and just show up day by day on automatic pilot.  

Or you can have the intention of showing up with full presence and effort, but you were thrown off because you slept bad, or somebody on your team did something stupid and now you have to deal with it, or whatever.   

It’s easy to blame something or somebody else for our lack of presence.  

But I’ve always found that no matter what you’re going through, you can teach yourself to lock into the present moment more.  

You do this all the time with your athletes.   

 I’m guessing that you teach them to lock into the present moment and to lock into the next play as we try to help them perform at their best. 

Apply the same concept for how you are working.  

You just need to figure out how and when to apply it to help you improve your performance.  

Homework for you this week:  

I want to get you out of automatic pilot mode this week.  

Try this tomorrow.  

As you transition from task to task, close your eyes for a few seconds and think about the next task you are going to tackle.   

Ask yourself, what would I need to do to do this task with excellence? 

Do this before you make the phone call. Or after you ended your call and are about to make the next one.  Ask, how can I be excellent for this call? 

Before you open your inbox, ask how can I show up with excellence?  

Before you go into the meeting, ask how can I show up with excellence? 

Before you leave your car to go in and be with your family, ask how can I show up with excellence?  

As you figure out how to give your full presence to something, you will be more engaged and then of course, you will be more effortful. 

With more presence, more engagement, and more effort, it Is easier to be excellent.   

As you head into this new week, what is your vision for excellence?  

What does doing an excellent job look like?  

What does being an excellent parent or a great leader look like?  

How could you be excellent taking care of yourself and your families?  

How could you do your projects with excellence?  

I’d love to hear what being excellent is for you this week.  Just hit reply to this email and lmk.   

To your success,  

Mandy Green 

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