I want you to use this time to emotionally engage with your dreams and vision that you have for where you want your program to be

Coach, Win The Week With A Great Plan

Hey coach! 

I’m working with a lot of coaches this summer to upgrade their thinking, planning, and processes as they are preparing to kick ass this fall.   


For my newsletter today, I wanted to give you some ideas of how I train the coaches I work with to plan a very productive week. 


  1. Try to get into a quiet place if possible to think.  I want you to use this time to emotionally engage with your dreams and vision that you have for where you want your program to be. One reason we end up doing busy work all day is that we lose touch with our dreams and vision – we stop thinking about what we want to achieve with real emotion and consistency. What does your ultimate outcome look like? What would you define as success? How will you know when you’ve reached your goal?  
  2. Once you have that vision clear in your head, work backwards from that to define the process to accomplish it.  That is now your to-do list for this week. 
  3. Accomplish 3 things every day. Just take three steps every day towards your vision.   
  4. Block time. Create scheduled blocks of time where you do only one thing. Use that block of time to move your program forward, to strategize, to work diligently on one important activity. If you don’t have blocks of time already set up in this week’s calendar to do things that matter to the success of your program, you’re already losing ground to your competitors. 
  5. Once your important tasks are done, then move on to your busy work stuff that has to get done.  Working to sign a recruit that will make your program better is important to being able to accomplish your vision.  Working on all of the details to organize your team banquet is necessary but not as important.  Only work on the banquet after you have taken steps to sign your best recruits otherwise you will never, EVER, make significant progress in your program.   
  6. Integrate and Celebrate Your Wins. When you achieve something great, celebrate it! Take the time to journal about it and share it with others. Coaches don’t celebrate their wins off the field enough. We tend to go from one thing to another, which flat-lines our emotional energy. If you give yourself the gift of celebrating your small wins and everyday life, you allow yourself to feel emotions that re-connect you with your passions. 


The night before you go into work, review what you have planned and make any necessary adjustments.   


Make sure to prioritize progress, not busywork.     


Walk into the office each day with a plan and a purpose.   


Work your plan. 


Win the week!!!   


To your success,  

Mandy Green 


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