Are you Guilty of Violating the Law of Triviality?

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Are you Guilty of Violating the Law of Triviality?

I want to share a powerful mental model that was shared with me by Karl Bryan, who is a businessman that I follow.   


Side note: If you are looking for something to get you LOL every morning, his emails are the best! 


Anyway, in a recent email he sent out, he said that a major reason many businesses fail and why governments seem to waste an INSANE amount of time and money… 


… Is The Law of Triviality.   


He said it’s common to spend a disproportionate amount of time on ‘trivial’ issues at the expense of more complex problems. 


The government will avoid bottleneck traffic issues that stop the city from growing… but instead spent an inordinate amount of time on planting flowers in the local park or building a bike path. 


The local school spends time on the yearbook rather than updating their curriculum. 


The yearbook and bike path are not needle moving problems and the curriculum and traffic issues are. 


What trivial things do you spend too much time on?  


What PROGRAM BUILDING BIG ROCKS are you avoiding?  Why are you avoiding them?  


Executing on BIG ROCKS vs little rocks takes intentional planning.    


When you spend time IDENTIFYING AND SOLVING BIG PROBLEMS, many other “little or trivial” problems instantly disappear. 


It will make reaching your goals easier.  


It’s hard… but worth it. 


If I am being brutally honest, a lot of you won’t do it because it’s easier and more comfortable to spend your time and attention on trivial things. 



To your success,  


Mandy Green  


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