Do THIS on Saturday morning to skyrocket your productivity…

Happy Sunday!
I use this strategy on Saturday mornings, but you could use this as early as Tuesday morning if you want to try it.

Saturday mornings are my most productive time of the week because of a Flow Strategy I learned from one of my productivity mentors Craig Ballantyne.
This is how my Saturdays go…
I get up at the same time as I do during the week…
After drinking a liter of water, eating a protein bar, and making a hot chocolate/coffee…
I sit and think for an hour … reviewing my business and family vision, I work on solving a big problems, and I  plan how I am going to take advantage of the BIG opportunities in my life.
I sit for 60-90 minutes in this ‘meditative’ state… connecting the dots from the lessons learned over the past week…
…Then I’m free to spend the day doing whatever I want with my family. 
I’ve been following a version of this flow strategy for nearly 10 years…
Ever since I made a crucial discovery back in my days as a stressed out, overworked head coach/new mom.
This discovery allowed me to have some of the biggest breakthroughs in my productivity, strategic planning, and financial decisions throughout my career.
Today I want to show you how to tap into the magic of Saturday morning flow — so you get more done on your “off day” than you do on most work days.
First off, I know what you’re thinking…
“Why is the ‘work less’ woman telling me to work on Saturday morning?”
Great question.
It’s because I know that you’d make more progress in 60-90 minutes on a Saturday morning than you would working after 1pm on Friday.
If you simply want to work less, while still producing a high quality of work, make this trade:
Take off 4 hours on Friday and work 90 minutes on Saturday morning.
I guarantee you it’ll be a more effective use of your time.
Here’s how I discovered this…
The year was 2002…
I was a Soccer Grad Assistant at the University of Utah and a personal trainer at a gym in Salt Lake City Utah that served some of the areas richest families. 
Monday through Friday I had personal training clients that started at 5am…
But on Saturday’s my first client – Michelle, a restaurant owner – was at 8am.
That meant I had an extra 2 hours to sit at my computer and catch up with all of the recruits that I was responsible for.
Writing furiously I’d get lost in the FLOW…
Suddenly it was 7:10 and I had to book it from my house if I wanted to get to the gym on time to meet Michelle (or risk her busting my chops with her sarcastic sense of humor).
That was when I discovered the MAGIC of undistracted Saturday morning flow work.
And that’s why I include a block of non-urgent important work on Saturday morning. 
I know that these Saturday morning minutes will work magic for you too.
Here’s the secret…
When you wake up and work early on weekdays, it’s helpful…

BUT you KNOW that a hurricane is about to be unleashed at 9am when everyone else starts their workday. 
Therefore, while you can be productive, you aren’t uber-productive.
Saturday is different… You’re up early. It’s quiet. There are no distractions… but even better, you KNOW there won’t be work calls, meetings, or emails coming your way.
That seemingly subtle shift dramatically changes the energy of your magic time (the time when your energy and focus are the best and you have the fewest interruptions).
Therefore, if you can give yourself 60-90 minutes on Saturday you’ll effectively squeeze another work day in each week.
(even if you take Friday afternoon off) 
Here’s the Saturday morning FLOW strategy:
1. Get up at the same time as you do every other day
2. Plan & prepare on Friday to work on something important Saturday morning
3. Spend 60-90 minutes working / thinking / planning on non-urgent important topics without interruption
Bonus points if you do this at a coffee shop, in a park, or any unique space different from your regular work environment.
Because research shows the creative parts of our brain are more active when we are in novel environments (think Newton discovering gravity while under an apple tree).
This strategy has helped me a lot, and it can help you too.  I don’t believe I had ever shared it with you so I wanted to pass this along. Try it this next weekend!

To your success,

Mandy Green

Busy Coach

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