[trx_quote cite=”#” title=”Mandy Green”] Reflection is the single biggest key to improving both performance and results is ignored by almost everybody.[/trx_quote]

Time to Check-In, Evaluate, Adjust, Get Better

Hi everyone!

Do this tonight or maybe if you have time when you are back in the office tomorrow.

Think and write about how you did in January and February. Did you accomplish what you wanted? What wins did you get? Where did you fall short? What threw you off track?

Make a mental list of those who have helped you succeed so far this year. And another list of people you’ve helped.

Reflection is the single biggest key to improving both performance and results is ignored by almost everybody.

If you want to be at the top of your game, you absolutely must learn from what has already happened.

You probably preach this all the time with your athletes, but are you doing this to help your own performance as a coach or as a recruiter?

We need to become aware of the things that we do, or have done, that sabotage our own results, so that we can do something about it!

Not so that we can judge ourselves, but so that we can make a decision moving forward to make some positive direction choices. Judgment destroys and accomplishes nothing. Observation (awareness) builds and creates new opportunities.

Do not judge your past results; instead, learn from them and move forward. Your future is in front of you . . . look in that direction.

Judgment will only hold you back…it will make you feel bad….it will not support you.

Being aware of the things that have held us back is like recognizing that there is an anchor weighing us down, keeping us from going forward and experiencing success . . . even when we are on the right course!

We’ve got to cut the anchor rope and let go of these weakening behaviors.

We human beings are habitual creatures, and we tend to do the same things over and over again.

I’m certain you’ve heard the definition of insanity . . . which is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

These results come from a place of “unaware.” Awareness will give the answers.

You also need to be aware of the things you are doing that ARE contributing to your success. Why? So you can repeat them to re-create again. So you can improve upon your results and continue to enjoy life at a higher level.

Once you achieve great success, it is easy to repeat it because you are now aware of what is required to CREATE success.

Make the choice to be aware and continue to heighten your awareness, not only for today, but from this day forward.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to review your progress. I always use the start of a new month as a trigger to review the progress I’ve made on my goals during the year.

I do that by:

“Evaluated reflection turns experience into insight.”

-John Maxwell

The routine of reviewing the past month and preparing to reset my goals and possibly even change my daily behavior for the upcoming months gives me a great deal of knowledge. I see what I have accomplished, I see where I fell short, and what I love the most about reviewing the previous year is that I get to see how much progress I have made.

It is also very practical. It gives me a general feeling for how I’ve been spending my time (relative to my priorities). It helps me note any bad habits I might have fallen into. And I am reminded of all sorts of ideas I had, projects with my team or staff that I initiated, and relationships I started that need follow up.

I know that 2nd semester is well under way and that some of you are at the end of your seasons or are just starting up, no matter what else you have planned for the next couple of days, set aside a little time to revisit the past couple of months. I think you’ll come up with all sorts of good ideas about things you can do better over the next few upcoming months so you can finish the year strong… along with the inspiration to get you going on them.

Have a productive week!

Mandy Green

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