Time Management Workbook for Coaches

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Brand: BusyCoach

Finally! A College Coach Specific How-To Guide that is going to walk you through how to plan and organize your coaching life and help you 10X your productivity.

Being more productive in the office often comes down to having a clear system to capture, organize, prioritize, plan and take action on all the projects, tasks and activities that you need to get done each day. The BusyCoach Guide is a combination of the best and most useful time management techniques out there made specific for coaches.

This book will show you practical strategies, techniques, and tools that can help you do your work more quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

The system that I have created will help you execute and get things done more consistently, leading to predictable results and valuable feedback that you can use to make further improvements. The action exercises will help you develop your own coaching productivity system, understand the principals that make it work, and find the right tools to help you implement it.d!

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