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Coach, as you know, a huge part of our job as college coaches is to win on game day. Everyone tries to win game days. But as you also know, most days are for practice, recruiting, and office work.

The key to success on game day is winning those Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays in the office. The only thing we can control is today. So it’s crucial to have a written ongoing plan to keep you on track, that stays within reach and states what you intend to accomplish every day.

The purpose of the BusyCoach Daily Game Plan is to get you more organized and working more strategically in the office to help you free up time, energy, and focus that has been spent on office work, so that you can think bigger, plan more effectively, and achieve more every day with your team.

Yes, you need to work hard to get the results you want, but when you take the time to plan, prioritize, and organize, you will be working smarter than most of your competitors, which will lead to better results and in the long run you will save yourself a lot of wasted time and energy.

The system that I have created will help you execute and get things done more consistently, leading to predictable results and valuable feedback that you can use to make further improvements.

Coach, you know how this type of system works with how you run training sessions with your team. When you have a consistent way of doing things, it is much easier to find the causes of your results (both good and bad), so you can keep enhancing what works and change what doesn’t. It is a positive feedback loop that keeps growing and growing. Why not apply this same principal with how you get your work done in the office and with recruiting?



• PDF Download
• An Entire Year
• 365 Days
• 415 Pages
• Example Page Included!

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• Binder with Removable Sheets
• An Entire Year
• 365 Days
• 415 Pages
• Example Page Included!

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What To Expect

With this BusyCoach Game Plan for College Coaches you will receive:

365 Daily planning pages where you will be able to:

  • Express Gratitude
  • State your daily goals
  • Identify and commit to 3 MIT’s (Most Important Tasks)
  • Identify then connect to 1 person per day
  • Keep track of your appointments, meetings, practice times
  • Team, administrative, social media, recruiting and personal to-do’s
  • Keep track of your recruiting calls
  • Keep track of your on-campus visits for the day
  • Events to recruit at today
  • Rate your performance based on your most ideal day in the office
  • Reflect on the days accomplishments

Forms, Checklists, Logs, and Information Sheets, for…

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Planning
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Goal Setting
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Reflection Pages
  • Master and Monthly To-Do List forms
  • Yearly and Monthly Calendars
  • And much more!

Once you are clear about what you want and your plan is in place, you will be more in control of your time, causing you to be less stressed and more sane.

Organizing your schedule and recruiting smarter isn’t rocket science, and you can do some real simple things to start off the new school year more organized, and more effective.

Are you ready to make some simple – and smart – changes to the way you manage your time and recruit this year?

What is the next step

Binder-BusyCoachGuide-400THE BUSYCOACH GUIDE

Finally! A College Coach Specific Guide that is going to help you plan and organize your coaching life and help you double your productivity.

Being more productive in the office often comes down to having a clear system to captureorganizeprioritizeplan and take action on all the projects, tasks and activities that you need to get done each day. The BusyCoach Guide is a combination of the best and most useful time management techniques out there made specific for coaches.

This book will show you practical strategies, techniques, and tools that can help you do your work more quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


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Let Mandy help you get started right

It was very nice meeting you this past weekend in Boston.  Organization is defiantly something that I can improve on. I think you had a lot of great tips and rules that can help my office be more productive. Thanks again.

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach; SUNY New Paltz

Liz Student

I first, wanted to thank you for the great presentation at Dan’s Tudor recruiting conference, I thought it was excellent. I have already made changes to my email and some daily office habits which has already shown to be more productive and time saving! I feel refreshed after the conference and feel these changes have already helped my work and personal life in just the few days I have implemented change. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you again soon.

Head Coach Women’s Soccer; King’s College

Frank Carrozza M.S.

Like many others I too was most impressed with the presentation and it was one we all needed to hear.  Nothing to come in a find 200 emails waiting to be opened and I feel like I am supposed to.  Great info and anything you can send would be helpful as I address our staff with my notes.   Best of luck and always stay in touch.

Director of High School Relations; East Carolina University

Harold Robinson