Shave 10 HOURS OF OFFICE WORK EACH WEEK By Creating High Performance Recruiting Systems to Get Your Work Done FASTER AND AT A HIGHER QUALITY So You Can Spend More Time Building a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM.
Yes! I Want to Transform my Recruiting in a Well-Oiled Machine That THRIVES by Using Step-By-Step Plug & Play Strategies and get more Time Freedom
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Reduce the chaos of the operational side of recruiting by creating repeatable recruiting systems.

Secrets to Next-Level Coaching and Recruiting Growth and Productivity
Find out why so many coaches are spinning their wheels doing the wrong things at the wrong time, and instantly gain back HOURS in your day. The information you will learn will help you get home for dinner every single day.

You will be surprised with how many extra hours you will get in your day to spend building relationships with recruits, lead your team, and spend time with your family.

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Improve the Quality of Your Work
Do you fly by the seat of your pants daily to accomplish your daily recruiting tasks or do you have a consistent, documented system that produces your desired result no matter who performs the task?

We will figure out what your ideal result is, find the best and most efficient way to do it, document it, apply it every single time and keep finding ways to improve it along the way.

Systems and Processes
The secret to recruiting made simple? Systems and processes. . but most coaches don’t even know where to start or how to implement. Well, I’ve got you covered with processes and systems in Recruiting Made Easy that will get your team on track and moving forward quickly.

There’s a process for scheduling a campus visit; a process for creating a months worth of recruiting content; a process for tracking recruits; there’s a process for scheduling a recruiting trip; and there is at least 10 other processes and checklist in the members area (and more will be added regularly)

How to Get Your Staff all on the Same Page
If your like most coaches I meet, getting the staff all on the same page can be FRUSTRATING! Here is the good news: I show you exactly how to do get everybody doing things the best way, every time.

I will show you what made all the difference for me and how I got my staff doing what I wanted them to do.

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New Hire Onboarding and Training
What happens in the very first few hours and days of a new hire will determine how long they stay with you and how hard they work.

You will get trained on how to onboard new hires and get them working hard for you right away from day one. As soon as I implemented this, by B-player new grad assistant turned into an A-player and started out-performing my best team members who had been around for a while.

Recruiting Made Simple Overview
Recruiting Made Simple is an advanced deep-dive implementation training on how to:

  • Take a recruit from identification to commitment in ideally the most efficient and effective way possible. We will create your recruiting map and identify all the recruiting milestones along the way.
  • 1+2+3+4= Result.  We will figure out what result you are after and reverse engineer the recruiting process you need to get yourself to your ideal result consistently every time.
  • We will get your recruiting processes and templates all set up so you will be able to work through your repeatable recruiting tasks quickly and effectively and feel more in control. With this stuff documented, you will be able to delegate more tasks, train new staff quicker, and reduce running around stressed trying to remember what to do.

These are the TACTICAL and ADVANCED strategies that will make you a more successful recruiter. These are VERY different, practical and scalable strategies that make ALL the difference in your recruiting!

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Interviews from Coaches & Experts
Learn what other coaches are doing to plan, organize, and execute at a high level with their recruiting every month.
Live Training Every Month
Get deep dive training from me. You will get the recording and audio if you can’t attend live.
Get an inside look into my files
Get all my recruiting checklists, processes, and templates that I have used to make Recruiting Simple.
Amazing Community of Coaches
A special facebook group for more support (and accountability) from me and fellow community members.

I have avast experience and made champion makers.

This Program Might Be Right For You If:
  • Your struggling to create a consistent way of doing things because you are totally operating on a reactive basis?
  • ​Your frustrated because you things could be better, but you don’t know HOW (or don’t feel like you have the time) to create the systems you need to simplify your recruiting?
  • Your worried about wasting time and money on trying to figure out a better way of operating and seeing no results?
If so, join now
Frequently Asked Questions
How is this different than what Dan Tudor offers?
Great question. It might be confusing because I represent both Tudor Collegiate Strategies and Busy Coach. Dan Tudor puts communication plans together for coaches to send to their recruits, parents, and coaches. Through Recruiting Made Simple, I am going to give you the strategies and tactics to execute day by day on your recruiting plans.
Will this take a lot of time?
Yes! This is upfront work but it will payoff with a lot of extra time on the back end. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you are not consistently getting the results you want, you should try this. Try it for a month, and if you don’t like it, walk away.
I don't have any assistants. Will this work for my program?
I think this is really important for coaches who have no staff or are working with a young grad assistant. Whether you have a staff or you are a one-man show, the tools you’re going to receive are proven and actual tools that are used to make the operational side of your recruiting as simple as possible. Put them to the test for free and see for yourself.
Is there a contract?
There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use the Recruiting Made Simple month to month, and cancel at any time you’d like!
Monthly Membership

  • Live training calls with video and audio recordings
  • New monthly processes, checklists, and template content
  • Get interview recordings with other successful recruiters
  • Access to my file with my already done processes, checklists and templates!
  • There are no long-term commitments!

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Annual Membership

  • Save $25 by paying annually!
  • Live training calls with video and audio recordings
  • New monthly processes, checklists, and template content
  • Get interview recordings with other successful recruiters
  • Access to my file with my already done processes, checklists and templates!

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Eliminate Your Recruiting Frustrations!


It was very nice meeting you this past weekend in Boston.  Organization is defiantly something that I can improve on. I think you had a lot of great tips and rules that can help my office be more productive. Thanks again.

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach; SUNY New Paltz

Liz Student

I first, wanted to thank you for the great presentation at Dan’s Tudor recruiting conference, I thought it was excellent. I have already made changes to my email and some daily office habits which has already shown to be more productive and time saving! I feel refreshed after the conference and feel these changes have already helped my work and personal life in just the few days I have implemented change. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you again soon.

Head Coach Women’s Soccer; King’s College

Frank Carrozza M.S.

Like many others I too was most impressed with the presentation and it was one we all needed to hear.  Nothing to come in a find 200 emails waiting to be opened and I feel like I am supposed to.  Great info and anything you can send would be helpful as I address our staff with my notes.   Best of luck and always stay in touch.

Director of High School Relations; East Carolina University

Harold Robinson