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Here’s the foundational principle – FOCUS YOUR ENERGIES.
We all exert energy—a lot of it. Where does it go? Energy is being divided into many activities, is how most coaches work. The result is DILUTION, and little progress. By investing in fewer activities, you make significant progress in the things that matter most—freeing up a lot of your time.
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20 Years of Coaching Has Taught Me to Automate
I’ve been a college coach for over 20 years, and know how much you have to do. You have hundreds of tasks daily. Does each one need your full attention? Not any longer. Automation let’s you do it once, then let a system do it after that. Much of our work is repetitive. We now have robots for that. Make decisions once, which make a thousand future decisions.

For example, coaches respond to the same email requests over and over. Write the email once, save it as a template, then reuse it whenever you need it. DONE!

Coach by Design, Not by Default
Don’t react. Take control. Eliminate nonessentials, then remove obstacles so the essential things have smooth path to completion. We determine your highest points of contribution, then set up your system to execute effortlessly.

The Program—Save Thousands of Hours and Dollars: remove chaos, eliminate waste, improve internal efficiencies, and create a way to continually measure and improve your methods as a coach in your program. I open my computer to you and give you all my best recruiting plans, emails, templates and checklists, and we customize them to fit your situation.

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I work with you in a small-group setting over the next 12 months to help you transform your program and recruiting effort into a well-oiled machine. You’ll get plenty of private one-on-one time with me.

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Key WTD Academy details — $49 a month.
This will be a Full Year Group Coaching Program that starts January 3rd, 2019. All other coaching sessions will be on Monday at 1pm EST

  • We will do 17 live 1 hour long interactive video group coaching sessions. You will get the recordings of all sessions if you can’t be there in person.
  • After the 17 live sessions are done, we will meet on the 1st Monday of the month for the rest of the year to check-in, hold you accountable, answer questions, and make sure you are making progress.
  • You will get 52 weeks of productivity, execution, and performance coaching from me through your email. I will be pulling back the curtains to show you how to structure your days and life so that you could cut the learning curve and start off with the right blueprint!
  • You will get 6 private one-on-one consulting sessions with me, Mandy Green.
  • You will get open access to my computer and get to see and have all of my templates, checklists, plans, and recruiting emails.

What We’ll Cover in the 17 Sessions

  1. Session #1: Get the Paradigm Shift that will Transform Your Life, Your Recruiting, and Your Program
  2. Session #2: Build a Program and Recruiting Strategy that Lasts.
  3. Session #3: Get Everyone to Do things the Right Way, Every Time.
  4. Session #4: Get Your Program Running Like a Well Oiled Machine During the Season
  5. Session #5: 12 Months of No Recruiting Stress
  6. Session #6: Develop Your Recruiting System for Maximum Results
  7. Session #7: Get Back Control Over Your Email
  8. Session #8: Create Systems to Perfect Internal and External Recruiting, Team, and Staff Communications
  9. Session #9: On-Campus Visit and Getting the Commitment Systems
  10. Session #10: You Got Them to Commit, Now What?
  11. Session #11: Off-Season Systems
  12. Session #12: The Smart Way to Hire, Train, and Get the Best From Your Team
  13. Session #13: Perfect the Strategy for Staff Buy-In and Growth
  14. Session #14: Simple Productivity Strategies for Busy Coaches
  15. Session #15: Play to Win – Create Compelling Scoreboards
  16. Session #16: An Amazing Coaching Life Starting NOW!
  17. Session #17: How to Make Your Systems More Potent with Time

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I will work with you to:

  • Create coaching, personal, and operational systems and procedures so you can quickly work through low-level necessary work that has to get done and have more time to focus on program building activities. I will give you every checklist and working procedure that I have ever created which will help guide you through the process of setting this up for yourself much quicker.
  • You will plan and set up a year’s worth of recruiting communication and social media messages. I will be giving you a year’s worth of already written recruiting letters for you to use as templates. All you need to do is tweak them so they fit your situation.
  • Create and refine your programs operating strategy so that it aligns with your staff, team, and recruits and is set up to constantly improve and scale.
  • Setup your program so that it can run well without your constant intimate involvement or if you have staff turn-over.
  • Develop automated recruiting systems that will help deliver a “wow” experience to your recruits.
  • Grow and develop your staff through the creation of program principles and measurement systems.
  • Help you focus on the most valuable activities in your program saving you massive amounts of time.
  • ake the necessary steps that will allow you to be in complete control of your program and team so you can enjoy more peace and less stress.
  • And much more!

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Win the Day was awesome, and I was absolutely impressed with all of the information you gave us. You totally over-delivered, and WAY exceeded my expectations. It was really a professional-life changing class. With Win the Day, Mandy Green shares tools and advice that have led to a more organized, efficient, and appealing recruiting plan for my program.

The information in Win the Day has helped me build structure and systems that will forever impact how I work in the future. EVERYTHING you have provided has been spot on and EXTREMELY helpful. Honestly, this is the best money I have ever spent.

Tommy Verdell,

Men’s Basketball Coach

Win The Day – which will continue for a full 12 months – is priced as an Extremely Affordable, yet top-tier coaching program… This program comes with inspiring content and scientific lessons that will deliver significant levels of value to you in an online community of like minded people. Containing all of the content and bonuses described above, WTD is ONLY a single Investment of $500 or you can pay $49 a month! If you want to do this, just email me back saying I’m In! I will send you the link to sign up from there. Thanks. Mandy Green


It was very nice meeting you this past weekend in Boston.  Organization is defiantly something that I can improve on. I think you had a lot of great tips and rules that can help my office be more productive. Thanks again.

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach; SUNY New Paltz

Liz Student

I first, wanted to thank you for the great presentation at Dan’s Tudor recruiting conference, I thought it was excellent. I have already made changes to my email and some daily office habits which has already shown to be more productive and time saving! I feel refreshed after the conference and feel these changes have already helped my work and personal life in just the few days I have implemented change. Thank you and I hope to hear back from you again soon.

Head Coach Women’s Soccer; King’s College

Frank Carrozza M.S.

Like many others I too was most impressed with the presentation and it was one we all needed to hear.  Nothing to come in a find 200 emails waiting to be opened and I feel like I am supposed to.  Great info and anything you can send would be helpful as I address our staff with my notes.   Best of luck and always stay in touch.

Director of High School Relations; East Carolina University

Harold Robinson