Turn your work into a game.

Your Recruiting Scoreboard

Hi Coach,

There aren’t many people I know that don’t enjoy a game.

Video games

Foosball (I’d kick your arse at if given the chance)










They’re all games and if you’re playing the right one for you… they’re FUN.

In any game there are 4 things:

  1. Rules
  2. Strategy
  3. Winners
  4. Losers

Strategy is critical but the execution is PARAMOUNT.

What good is it if you call the right play, your teammate gets open, the ball lands in their hands… but they miss the last-second shot.

*Baylor clearly doesn’t have this problem*

There is no sport in the world where you play it and do not regularly look at the scoreboard.

Players and spectators.


What does your scoreboard look like for your internal program operations or for your recruiting?

Are you able to read it?

Are the coaches on your staff who also help with recruiting able to read it?

If you want to enter the “2% Coaching Club”….(being the best of the best)


Coach, you know this to be true with your team:

  1. The things that get measured are the things that get DONE
  2. The things you measure are the things that get managed
  3. The things that get managed are the things that get reported
  4. The things that get measured and reported… GROW EXPONENTIALLY

The best in the world at ANYTHING are measurement freaks.

Imagine a football game without a score.

A swimmer without a clock.

A comedian without an audience.

A movie without the box office totals.

A golfer without a scorecard.

A public company without quarterly earnings report.

A professional bodybuilder not counting the weight on the bar.  

Think Tom Brady, Kevin Hart, Steven Spielberg, Tiger Woods, Jeff Bezos, and Arnold Schwarzenegger…

They all have one thing in common that defines their greatness…


I’d dare say ‘the average’ take time and effort to AVOID being measured.

Your results reflect the amount of measuring you do.

How many recruiting calls have you made TODAY?

How many text messages have you sent TODAY?

How many emails have you sent TODAY?

How many social media posts TODAY?

How many handwritten letters have you written to send out TODAY?

How many follow-up messages / calls / texts have you sent TODAY?

How much reading done TODAY?

Fall in love with:


The more data points you get… The better the DATA.

The better the DATA… The better the DECISIONS.

The better the DECISIONS… The better the NEW ACTIVITIES.

What recruiting activities are you collecting data points for so you can make better decisions in the future? 

If you are up for the conversation, let’s set up a time to talk about your recruiting scoreboard.  I’d love to hear what you are doing and I will give you my

ideas for how to best set this up and manage it as well.  Just hit reply to this email with some days and times that you are available and I will take it from

there.  Have a great week! 

To your success,

Mandy Green 

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