If you don’t develop the discipline to stop and evaluate if what you’re doing is progressing you closer to your goals, then you’ll always be, ‘almost successful.’

Why I Want to Create an Accountability Group for Coaches

Hi Coach,

I hope you have been having a great Memorial Day weekend!

I know that I have emailed you more than usual this week telling you about my new beta group coaching program.  It truly stresses me out to email you too much because I know that you have a ton going on. 

Today, I thought I should give you a little insight as to why I feel it is important for coaches to have a group like this.

Throughout this winter and spring, I was a part of a group accountability program run by Todd Herman, who wrote the book Alter Ego Effect (amazing book by the way for us coaches) and works with some of the best athletes and entrepreneurs in the world. 

What I loved about this group:

Radical honestly.

Genuine listening.

Calling out lame excuses and challenging the group members in a loving but honest way.

One unfiltered observation from Todd to me went like this:

“Hey Mandy. How long do you want to stay ‘almost successful?

“What do you mean?” I asked, not liking where this was going.

“Over the past 3 weeks, on every call we’ve had, I’ve heard you talk about all the hard work you’ve put in…

Heard you talk about the long days…

And heard you judge some of the small wins you’ve had, as, ‘not being as big as Tony, Jack or Laura’s wins.’

You’re working hard on a lot of things…

But they’re not the right things.

If you don’t develop the discipline to stop and evaluate if what you’re doing is progressing you closer to your goals, then you’ll always be, ‘almost successful.’

[Silence on the phone line from me.]

“Mandy, you’re a smart woman. But you’ll want to learn the rhythm of slowing down, in order to go fast. And the benefit will be trusting yourself a lot more.”

Frankly, it took me a little while to figure out that rhythm, but when I did through my work in this group… It made the work I was doing feel a lot less like hustle.

And a lot more like smart, focused, and fulfilling work.

What I loved about this group was that we challenged each other. Yes, the support was there. But we challenged each other to go to the next level when setting goals and plans for each week. We held each other to a high standard!

It was also surprisingly really helpful to hear some of the struggles that others had.  It made me feel less alone in knowing that others were having problems with some of the same things.

A few other key lessons I learned from being in an accountability group:

  • When I was reporting my progress, I had to stop making excuses. I just shared my weekly results and what I learned. Then getting honest feedback about what I REALLY needed to do to focus and get the results I want was massively helpful to make adjustments to my plan for the upcoming week.
  • Reporting progress is a huge confidence builder. I started to give myself more credit for the progress I was making because I had to report wins every Friday. Which in turn I ended up being less hard on myself for the work that didn’t get done.
  • The better I got at regularly reporting my progress, and the better I got at going deep and being collaborative with accountability partnerships, the more my growth skyrocketed.
  • When I’m not regularly (between 2-4X/monthly) reporting my goals and progress on my goals, I am less effective than I could be because it was easier for me to get off track.
  • The people who take accountability seriously are the one’s who go the furthest. There’s a concept known as Pearson’s Law: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”
  • When an accountability partnership/group is flowing, it becomes the best power-hour of the week, where everyone in the group begins building-off each other and the group gets synergy.
  • Everyone in the group plays big because they want to report HUGE progress each week to their group.

All of the amazing things that I experienced because of this group and how it was set up is why I want to create a similar group for college coaches. 

You certainly could create this group with a few coaches on your staff or in your department. 

Or, like I have been emailing you all week, I have opened the doors to a new 60-day beta group accountability program. And I want you in it.

This group is new and I want to try out and perfect a few things.

This group will have:

  • Extreme accountability.
  • A focus on mastering the foundation of a few key principals.
  • A community of high character, high integrity, and high discipline people in a small cohort, so you can stop trying to be a ‘lone wolf’ and develop the discipline of asking for help.

It’s a program designed to ‘Go slow. To go fast.’

Which means stopping all the crazy work you’re doing. And actually working ON your program, so we can get you focused on the right things.

“I literally had 1,923 things on my to do list. Today, I have three big things, and I only work on those three things. And I work hard on those three things, and when I’m done, I enjoy my life… ” ~ Ted (Amazing guy who only has a graduate assistant and came to me asking to hold him accountable as he sets up a new model for how he wants to work once the fall hits)

All of this creates the experience we focus on for our athletes but do little to set ourselves up for.

Peak Performance.

Peak performance is not just helping people get uncommon and extraordinary results, it’s also about enjoying the process.

Because if you can’t enjoy the process of creating, growing, and building a program, then something is broken.

Peak performance is an experience. It’s not an idea.

So starting next week, I am running a 60-day group coaching program with customized feedback, exceptional focus, and systematic support to keep you laser-focused and executing every single week on the right thing for your program right now.

Oh, and the best part?


We’re here to work, not sit through a bunch of videos.

(Let’s be real, you don’t need to know anything more to reach your goals. You need that magic combo of clarity + principals + accountability.)

It’s perfect for you if:

  • You’re coachable.
  • You’re willing to make some hard decisions that produce real value.
  • You’re tired of massive courses, and you just want to take action.
  • You are willing to show up, get coached, and do the work.

We start next Wednesday with an introduction meeting and then the real work will start the week of the 7th. I am closing off registrations tonight so join now if you want in.

Here is the rhythm of the weeks we will have together:

Monday: Report what you are focused on for the week either on a live group call (best option for maximum results), or you can email it to me if you can’t attend live.

Wednesday: Question and answer session

Friday: Report your wins for the week either on a live group call (again, the best option for maximum results), or you can email it to me if you can’t attend live.

The investment, $97.  It’s a small investment to get you to show up and do the work.  If it was free, you might be interested but I doubt you would put in the work.

Don’t invest in this program to get more information that you will never do anything with.

Invest in yourself because you’re ready to get results.

When you join this program, your INVESTING IN YOURSELF.

Investing in yourself means you are BETTING ON YOURSELF. It means you’re betting on your dreams. It means you’re focused on a bigger and better future.

You’re ready to upgrade your life and career.

You’re ready to get to the next level.

There is genuinely no reason to wait.

So, if you want extraordinary results in 2021, click here.

Get your spot if you’re ready to actually start getting those tangible results and massive shifts in your program — oh, and actually enjoy your life at the same time.

I’ll see you inside!

– Mandy

PS – Seriously. This is one of those rare moments when you’re actually in front of an opportunity that can genuinely change your life. Don’t let it pass you by.

Don’t be one of the many coaches who email me after EVERY launch we do saying:

“I really wanted to be a part of this but I waited too long and now I can’t join in, please please please can you make an exception!”

Because that’s a terrible place to be. Stuck in the feeling that you know this could make all the difference for you, but you hesitated. You listened to your fears instead of that voice inside you that tells you that now is your time. And you missed out.

I really don’t want you to feel that way.

So, if you’re even a little bit interested in leaving 2020 in the rearview mirror (and hey, aren’t we all) and making 2021 THE year you reach that ridiculously awesome program, recruiting, or career goals, click here, sign up, and trust yourself.

Let’s do this!

Don’t play small.

Today is the last day I am taking registrations.