"I don't have the time because . . . (insert of my lame excuses for not being able to get my recruiting work done)

Recruiting Coordinators: Time and Excuses

Hi Coach,

I believe a lot of you may have heard this about me before, but I became a first time D1 head soccer coach (of one of the worst programs in the country at the time) and a first-time mom all within 10 days of each other. 

Very quickly I realized that I was challenged in two areas:

  1. With my time
  2. And with my excuses

I got myself in BIG  trouble when I started combining the two…

Here’s what I’d say when I combined them:

“I don’t have the time because . . .(insert one of my lame excuses of the moment”


I was wearing a ton of hats and dropping balls left and right. 

I was a hot mess to say the least. 

To say that time of my life was really hard would be the understatement of the century.

But, I survived, and it really prepared me well to help all of the coaches that I do right now through my work with Dan Tudor and with Busy Coach.   

I learned the hard way that you can have excuses or you can have results.

You can’t have both. 

But you set up your day so it is your choice.

Your excuses are the nails you use to build your house of failure.

I am sharing this with you because I just did a webinar last week called How to be an Amazing Recruiting Coordinator. 

I started off the webinar sharing that most recruiting coordinators are not successful because they allow their time challenges and excuses get in the way of their success. 

In this webinar, I share 5 different ways to overcome your time and excuses challenges. 

Hope it helps. 

To your success,

Mandy Green

Here is how you can work with me:

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