You are never going to get different and better results with your recruiting if you keep doing things the same ol’ way.

Mandy Green

How To Use Your Zoom Recruiting Calls Like Game Film

In a typical year, depending on your sport, I imagine you watch a lot of game film.

You are looking for techniques and tactics to clean up, where you are falling short, and basically just a more efficient and effective way to do things.  Am I right?

Are you doing the same sort of analysis on yourself with your recruiting zoom calls?

Most coaches aren’t. But why not?

You are doing zoom or facetime calls with recruits and their parents now more than ever (if you are not, you should be).  I’d say most are setting up the call, doing the call and moving onto the next call without any sort of going back and evaluating how you did and looking for areas of improvement.

You are never going to get different and better results with your recruiting if you keep doing things the same ol’ way.

There are a few key things to pull from each call that can really give you an advantage and save you time that most coaches aren’t taking advantage of.

On a few coaching calls with clients this week, I shared many different ways that these coaches could use the recording of a zoom call with recruits to help save time.

Where could you make improvements?  Things to consider:

  • Was your energy good?
  • Did you communicate clearly or did you ramble on?
  • How much did you talk vs the recruit talked?
  • How well did you answer questions? Is there a better way to answer the question next time?
  • Did you keep the conversation moving along?
  • Did you ask good questions that gave you great information that helped you confirm whether this recruit will be a good fit for your program or not?
  • Did you get the recruit to take action on something?

Transcribe the recording on something like through their automated transcription service at 10 cents-a-minute.

  • You can take the transcription and use each question the recruit asked and the answer you gave and turn it into an email to can send to recruits so you can be selling an aspect of your program, team, staff, academics, or campus every 6-9 days.
  • Take the recruits questions and your answers and put them in a FAQ folder so you never have to rewrite the answer to the same recruit questions over and over.
  • You can turn the question the recruit asks into social media posts.  These are questions probably all of your recruits have so proactively get out ahead of them and get a picture or video that tells the story, and use the answer you gave as the caption.

Use for Training Purposes:

  • If you have a new assistant, have them watch the recording so they can start to learn very quickly how to interact with recruits on zoom calls or how you would answer something.

You might be thinking at this point, Mandy good idea, but I don’t have the time to do this.  If the success and length of your career is determined by your ability to get quality recruits, my thought is how could you not spend the time on this? There are really only a few key activities that will get you to your ideal results.  Getting really good face to face with recruits is no doubt one of these key activities.

Try it once and see what comes of it.  If you do try it, set up a call with me and I will show you how to use the transcript in many many different ways that will benefit your recruiting.

To Your Success,
Mandy Green

P.S. If you weren’t able to join the Productive Coach and Recruiter Webinar last week, I am going to do it again this week on Thursday November 5th at 1pm EST.  If you can’t make it but want the recording, please register.  

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