[trx_quote cite=”#” title=”Mandy Green”] Knowing the questions a person will ask and having a great already planned out response allows the salesperson to predict and get out a head of what a buyer is going to ask.[/trx_quote]

Use This Superstar Salesman Strategy To Keep You A Step Ahead of Your Recruits

Hi everyone!

I have been on the road a lot these last few months speaking at conferences, doing on-campus workshops, and meeting face-to-face with a lot of you. Minus the few weeks I was down and out with Pneumonia, this has been an amazing last few months.

3 big questions keep coming up:

  1. How to keep coming up with relevant content that keeps the recruits attention?
  2. How to get away from reactive recruiting?
  3. What should I post on social media to tell my story and create a recruiting advantage?

The 1 thing I tell them basically covers and knocks out all 3 of their questions.

This is something you already know, but might not be using to your full advantage.

What I want to know if you are paying attention to and writing down what questions recruits and their parents are asking and when they are asking them while you are recruiting them?

All the great sales men and women do it. Knowing the questions a person will ask and having a great already planned out response allows the salesperson to predict and get out a head of what a buyer is going to ask. It keeps them in control of the process and allows them to more easily guide them to a buying decision.

All of you who have been in the coaching profession for any length of time could probably rattle off 100 questions that recruits and their parents tend to ask each year.

Are you using that information to your recruiting advantage?

As a long time college soccer coach, every year I sit in on multiple question and answer sessions at College ID camps. Being the documenter that I am, I just quickly record all of the questions that the camper ask.

My intention for doing this is simple, it gives me a competitive advantages over my competition for recruits. More on how to do that in a little bit.

At the last ID camp I sat in on, here were 20 of the questions asked by the recruits and their parents to the 6 players on the current roster, the head coach, and the 3 assistant coaches who were there.

  1. Do grads get jobs right after college?
  2. What sort of academic support do athletes get?
  3. What did you like about the recruiting process?
  4. What did you not like about the recruiting process?
  5. To head coach: do you see yourself staying at this school?
  6. Are there certain majors that don’t work with being a Division 1 athlete?
  7. How close is the team?
  8. What is the biggest difference between club soccer and Division 1 soccer?
  9. How much does the head coach make or break your experience as an athlete?
  10. Does the team miss a lot of class traveling to games?
  11. What is a typical fall like? What about off-season?
  12. Do you have much of a social life?
  13. What are the benefits of being a Division 1 athlete?
  14. How safe is it to live in this city?
  15. How close are all of the athletes? What is the support of other athletes at games?
  16. What does the team like to do together outside of soccer?
  17. What made you choose this school over other options that you had?
  18. What are some things that you like about the campus?
  19. Who did you rely on to help you choose the college you were going to go to?
  20. How did you keep in contact with coaches and how often?

To me, paying attention to these questions is recruiting gold.

I can’t tell you how many coaches that I talk to every month who say that they just run out of things to say to a recruit, they just don’t know what to say after the first few messages, or they don’t even try to figure out what they should be posting on social media to help with their recruiting.

In 45 minutes, I got to hear 20 different things that this group of campers and their parents were wondering about.

Using those questions, I can write up a really good response in an email addressing 1 question at a time. 20 questions equals 20 weeks’ worth of messages.

I also now have at least 20 social media posts that I can create. Telling them the answer to one of their questions is one thing and it will probably be the same answer that everybody else is giving them. Next level recruiting is telling your story and getting them to connect visually by showing a picture or video.

I was at an ID camp just yesterday. I told my husband, who was running the camp to voice record the conversation. From the audio, he can now take word for word what the players answers were and use it to craft more conversational messages to recruits using what sold the players on going to the school we are coaching at. Same things apply to the very conversational answer the head coach gave as he was answering questions.

Once I had crafted a really good answer to their questions, I would then save it into a frequently asked recruiting question folder as a template. Anytime a different recruit asks the same question from that point on, I can just go to the file and cut and paste my answer to save a lot of time and be able to give a great answer each time.

I have said this before, but it is worth repeating, if you find yourself answering from scratch the same questions over and over, you are really wasting a ton of time. Write it well once, save it, and reuse your answer, tweak as necessary.

As a recruiter, I figured out that I can get more in control of the recruiting process if I just paid attention to what recruits and parents were asking. Once I knew what they wanted, I could craft 1 message that proactively answers their questions. As a result of being more proactive with the content I was sending out and talking to recruits about, now I wasn’t just reacting to an objection that just had been uncovered. I can proactively tell them how to feel and get them to feel a certain way about it.

I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the idea.

Most coaches know the questions recruits and their parents ask, but because they do nothing with them, I feel they are making their jobs harder. You are here coach reading this newsletter. Use this to your competitive recruiting advantage coach.

I’d love to hear what comes to your mind as you read this article! Please email me your thoughts, questions, or if you want my help setting this up for you at mandy@busy.coach

Mandy Green

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