[trx_quote cite=”#” title=”Mandy Green”]I have 8 different blocks of time that I have found to be critical to the continued progress of my program. [/trx_quote]

How I Do My Weekly Planning

I had a few coaches request more specifics about how I go about doing my weekly scheduling so here it is.
I have 8 different blocks of time that I have found to be critical to the continued progress of my program.  I learned to do this from Brendon Burchard in his High Performance Academy.  On Sunday’s, I print out one of these calendar’s and go through this process below.
I have a more elaborated explanation of each of the 8 in the Busy Coach Guide should you want it, but you should be able to get the idea here of how to add these 8 into your schedule.  As always, if you have more questions, let me know.
I attached this calendar to give you an idea of my ideal week.  I highlighted the 8 blocks that I will talk about in this newsletter to give you an idea of when I use them.  Does this work out perfectly every week, no.  But I certainly try to stick to it.
What I have loved about this that by filling this out every week, it provides me structure and helps keep me focused on working on what is important to build my program instead of just doing maintenance activities that seem urgent.  By sticking to these blocks and putting on the shelf everything else but that blocks work, I am more focused, getting a ton more done, and am making progress on each which is helping build a stronger foundation with my growing program.
Here are the 8 blocks that I work into my schedule every week.
#1 Weekly review and check-in.
On Sunday night or Monday morning depending on your travel schedule, I open up your calendar and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What did you enjoy and learn last week?
  2. What are you grateful for?
  3. What are some major lessons that you learned?

If we’re not examining our work performance, we’re not learning anything and not improving.
#2 Free blocks.
In advance of your week, figure out where you can have a free block of time where nothing is going to be scheduled.  No work.  No meetings. No calls. No emails.  Just sit and think.
#3 Family and significant other blocks
We need to have at least one time a week where you’re trying to build relationships with your family.  Be intentional about what you do during that time so you’re spending quality time with them.
#4 Personal Development blocks
You need blocks of time where you do nothing but work on you. Read a book that will further your knowledge in your sport, interview another coach, meditate, journal, etc.
#5 Build blocks
You will never get ahead if all you are doing all day are maintenance tasks.  Block significant amounts of the week to actually do things that will move your program forward.
#6 Workouts
If you don’t have your workout times blocked off, it is really easy to get busy doing something else.  I know that I am preaching to the choir but exercise is vital to keeping your energy up.
#7 Check in with your people
A 10-minute meeting with your fellow coaches (if you have them) is a great way to start the day and to keep everyone motivated and on course. Discuss the plan of action and get everybody focused on their most important responsibilities for the day.
#8 Catch-up time
Have a specific block where all you do is get caught up on things.  It is a great way to end the day or end the week.  You can go home with a clear head and a few less things to do on your to-do list for tomorrow.
I started to produce a lot more week by week as soon as I started to block out these eight blocks.
For me, I am learning quickly that I will never be capable of succeeding at my highest levels of potential and progress and joy if these don’t exist in my schedule.
Coach, own your agenda and protect your schedule.  Protect your free time, your family time, personal growth time, your program building time, your team times, your workout times, and your catch-up times.
I have found that this is a great way to make your to-do list work for you.
If you found this helpful, please share it with your coaching friends.  I want to help eliminate as much coaching office chaos for as many coaches I can this year.  If I can save you 1-2 hours a day and get you so you don’t have to bring as much work home with you (besides recruiting calls), you will have more time and energy to spend with your families, friends, and on your hobbies.  Happier and more productive coaches have happier and more productive teams!
Good luck!  Let me know how it goes by emailing me at mandy@busy.coach.  If you are interested in having me help you get your program and staff organized and firing on all cylinders this year, fill out this quick form and I will get back to you.  Or email me at mandy@busy.coach.
Have a productive week!
Mandy Green