[trx_quote cite=”#” title=”Mandy Green”]I wish every day could be game day, but as we all know, most days are for practice, recruiting, and office work….[/trx_quote]

Have Your Best Season Ever! Part 1

I got into college coaching to coach and to win a lot of games on game day. I wish every day could be game day, but as we all know, most days are for practice, recruiting, and office work. I quickly realized how unprepared I was to do office work because I got overwhelmed with how much of it there was to do had never gotten any training on how to do it. Anybody with me? And I also didn’t like doing office work because it was taking me too long too do and was taking away time from coaching. I just want to coach.
I know that administrative stuff is a necessary evil and it has to get done and done well, so I set out to find a better and quicker way to do office work so I could get back to spending my time preparing to have our best season ever.
For the last 8 years I have been obsessive about trying and testing different workflow strategies. What was interesting is that as I started to get more organized, less scatterbrained, and worked more efficiently, my teams results started to get better and better. I have been the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of South Dakota for 6 years now I can say with confidence that our best got better every year. I haven’t been given any more staff and I am working the fewest amount of hours that I have ever worked. I do keep developing as a coach and we certainly keep getting better players every year but I believe what has made the biggest difference for me is that I keep perfecting the way I am working in the office.

These are my Results

  1. Freed up to 10 or more hours for me a week that I now use to find a better way to train my team, develop better relationships with them
  2. I don’t have to take as much work home with me which gives me more quality time with my family and friends
  3. Have more energy to coach because I have eliminated a lot of wasted mental energy during the day trying to figure out what to do next, because of the systems now in place
  4. Reduce chaotic days running around doing busy work and work in a more organized logical step by step way
  5. Get better recruits because I narrowed down what does and doesn’t work based on tried and true methods I tested and am currently perfecting
  6. I am happier, healthier than I have ever been

I have learned over the last 8 years that the key to having your best season ever and what could separate you from your competition is winning those Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
At the end of the day in our profession, all that truly matters is results. Everyone has too much to do, and nobody in your athletic department really cares how many hours you were in the building or if you finished your to-do list as long as you are recruiting the right people, graduating players, staying compliant, and winning games.
My goal for this speech is to share 3 of those strategies because I want to help you increase your chances of having your best season ever!
I’m going to show you how to apply these methods to your workflow, with one purpose in mind: to help you free up time, energy, and focus that has been spent on office work, so that you can think bigger, plan more effectively, and achieve more every day with your team.

  1. I am going to show you how to identify and eliminate what is not working
  2. Identify and improve what is working
  3. And save a lot of time and energy by creating systems for repeat tasks.

It was a lot of up front work at first but it pays off big in the long run.
Part 2 of my speech coming soon.