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The 4 Step Process to a Winning recruiting system

As a College Coach, your career success is largely dependent on how well you convince teenagers to say yes to you, and not one of your competitors.

Are you drowning in recruiting chaos with no clear system to execute your big vision or plan?

If you were to make a few simple organizational changes, and maybe a tweak or two when it comes to your mindset and daily execution as your facing your ongoing recruiting tasks, the results can totally change the direction of your program.

Your time is too valuable, Coach. In this workshop we will create efficiency and predictability in your recruiting efforts.

Busy Coach and Tudor Collegiate Strategies are partnering to offer a special 4-hour intensive workshop designed specifically for college coaches who want to take a more organized, intelligent approach to their coaching and recruiting life.

We’ll help you get clear on your recruiting process, and overhaul how your recruiting is organized and executed. We’ll teach you how quickly change your habits and strategies through calculated daily routines, and then taking that positive energy and turn it into action, accomplishing your recruiting goals faster and more effectively.

The cost this workshop lead by organizational and time management expert Mandy Green is only $79.

We’re limiting registration to this workshop to better give more one-on-one attention and make this a valuable professional development experience (and if you’ve been a part of one of our events before, you know it will be time well spent!)

In an exciting, in-depth, information-packed workshop, you will learn:

  • The 4-step process to a winning recruiting system.
  • Map out your recruiting strategy and process from identification to commitment.
  • Figure out what can be improved, eliminated, delegated, and automated with your recruiting process.
  • Create a 52-week social media, email, and phone communication plan.
  • Put the most effective resources and processes in place to increase work efficiency and quality.
  • You will learn how to create conditions in your office environment that will make your success inevitable.
  • 4 things you can do to 10x how productive you are day by day with recruiting.
  • How to organize your program like the game of checkers.
  • Take the brain work out of routine tasks by using rituals and habits and free yourself to focus on more important things.
  • Why you should run your program like a franchise.
  • You have too much going on in your coaching life to labor over something that isn’t working. We will find those things and ditch them.
  • Take a huge chunk of your time by putting important and repeatable tasks on autopilot.
  • Maximize your productivity by identifying exactly what requires your attention and what doesn’t.
  • And much much more!

Lewiston, ME– Saturday, December 1st 9am -1pm EST

New London, CT – Sunday, December 2nd 1pm-4pm EST

Virtual Workshop (Recording Available) – Sunday, December 9th 9am-1pm CST

Youngstown, OH – Saturday, December 15th 9am -1pm EST

St. Paul, MN –Friday December 28th 9am – 1pm CST

Join your fellow coaches for a great training experience! More information and details will be sent shortly after registration.

FAQ's about these upcoming workshops:

Will there be other schools there? Yes, this workshop is on a college campus but it is open to the public. There might be all divisions and all sports represented.

How big are these workshops going to be? We are going to keep these groups pretty small so a lot of private attention can be given.

What if I want the information but can't attend one of the already scheduled events? I am currently booking more dates and locations. If you are interested in hosting a workshop on your campus, email me at

Will there be recordings or a virtual option? If enough other coaches show interest in the recordings or showing up via a live webinar, I will put it together?

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

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