How To Use Evernote For Coaches by Theresa Beeckman

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How To Use Evernote For Coaches

By Theresa Beeckman

Why is Evernote such an amazing tool for coaches?

Coaching, when done right and thoroughly, has the potential to be logistically overwhelming. Constructing systems and processes that aid you and your coaching staff can free up mind power and time to create and realize new and exciting ways to express your vision for the journey of a season.

With Evernote a coach can do anything and everything relating to running a program with this one application. You could use it as an electronic clipboard, scouting tool, recruiting correspondence recorder, master task and assignment list, electronic file cabinet and the list goes on.

The best part of all is that once you set it up and get it going, you can have access to these things anywhere as if you were working in your office. Gone are the days you had to make sure you packed every file with information on every team you might see in the conference tournament. Just make sure the information is in your Evernote account and carry it all to the tournament on your phone.

Just some of the Evernote uses for coaches:

  • Practice planning for staff and as a place to post the upcoming plan for players to see
  • Gym set up notes players or managers can use ahead of time to be sure you have everything you need ready to go for practice
  • Season stats (for staff, team or both) to see progress throughout the course of the season
  • Screen shots of upcoming opponents complete with your annotated notes and drawings
  • Voice memos detailing your thoughts on last night’s game for staff as they get ready to review game film
  • Voice memo your notes for upcoming week or month of training or practice as you drive to and from a recruiting site
  • Voice memo of call notes from a recruit phone call
  • Recruiting correspondence notes to keep track of all of your conversations with PSA’s
  • Camp registration, plans and staffing notes
  • Share notebooks for projects from marketing, athletic communications, camp office, SAAC, equipment, etc.
  • Shared notebooks by position – Catchers, Quarterbacks, Setters notebooks
  • Shared notebooks by class for progressive leadership development exercises
  • Nutrition notebook for team
  • Academic reporting notebooks – you can share a notebook for each player with an academic advisor and yourself so every player has academic privacy
  • Email processing system-file, delete and exit your email account to avoid midday interruptions that steal valuable minutes from your day
  • Community service sign up sheets
  • Team manuals – rules, protocol, playbooks can be shared here. With Evernote, players will always have their playbook’s with them

The goal of this guide is to:

  1. Provide ideas to use this powerful tool to organize the many facets of your position, freeing you up to spend time on the best parts of being a coach. That is leading people towards their greatest potential as you build a successful program.
  2. Secondly, this guide hopes to give you tools to set up a system to let Evernote automate at least some of your responsibilities. This will include ideas about how to use Evernote for everything from pre-ordering team meals to using it as a recruit correspondence database and everything in between.
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