Embrace the Countdown: With just 70 days left in 2023, seize the opportunity to achieve your goals, create memories, and make a lasting impact. Time is of the essence!

Make the Most of Your 2023 With 70 Productive Days

 Today is October 22nd. This means there are 70 days left in this year (71 if you include today).


What you do with them is up to you. 


I know from experience… a LOT can happen in 70 days. 


In less time than that, I’ve witnessed numerous coaches successfully finish up their recruiting class, transform their health and fitness, and elevate the performance of their staff… 


… Or go from one level to the next, reaching remarkable milestones in their coaching careers. 


Why am I conveying this message to you? 




With a little over 2 months left in 2023, some of you may ease into cruise control and begin contemplating next year’s objectives. Subconsciously, you may believe there “might not be enough time left” to achieve significant goals this year and that it’s better to “start fresh” with the new year. 


Humans have a penchant for neat and clean start and finish dates. We prefer to commence new endeavors on a Monday, the 1st of a month, or the 1st of the year, which then transforms into next week, next month, or next year. 


But life doesn’t wait. Your goals don’t either. The best time to commence anything is NOW. 


Successful people understand this. They grasp that success stems from taking action, even when circumstances are less than ideal. 


So here’s my message to you — commence right now, even if the timing or conditions are not perfect. 


What’s one thing YOU wish to accomplish by the end of the year? (It doesn’t have to be coaching or recruiting-related). 


Perhaps you aim to shed a few pounds, begin learning a new skill (my son recently started jiu-jitsu), or enhance a vital relationship in your life… 


Maybe you aspire to finish up your recruiting class 1-2 months earlier than last year… 


You’ve got 70 days to make it happen; that’s ample time! 


Don’t postpone it to 2024; that’s next year. Pursue your goals immediately. 


Now, if your goals do involve elevating your coaching career and improving your personal life by working more efficiently… 


That’s precisely what my High-Performance Coach and Recruiter program is designed for. 


I provide you with the tools, systems, personalized plans, continuous feedback, accountability, and community—EVERYTHING you require to reach the next level. 


And unlike many other coaching programs… 


We will actively involve you and offer unwavering support at every step of the journey. 


Here’s a recent message from a coach whose identity I’ll keep confidential: 


“There are numerous coaching companies out there, and I want you to know that you should feel exceptionally proud. I have been extremely impressed by how available and supportive you have been. This is the most challenging period I’ve faced in my coaching career. You all have been my pillar of support, and I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you!” 


So, if you’d like my help to assist you in surmounting your most significant obstacles… 


… And equipping you with the most effective systems for mastering your coaching, recruiting, career, and life… 


Keep an eye out for the release of HPCR (I am waiting for fall sports to wind down).  Or feel free to schedule a consultation with me to determine if my coaching program is the right fit for you.  Just hit reply to this email and say “coaching.”  I will take it from there.  


You’ve got this. 


Mandy Green

Social Story Recruiting Coming Soon!

This is a 365 Days Social Media recruiting calendar and training to help you better use social media for recruiting.  Just waiting for a few technology things to get set up and then you will have a chance to get it.  

Recruiting Made Simple

This month in Recruiting Made Simple we will be going over How to get recruits to un-ghost you!  To get the recording and all of the best practices, processes, and templates I provided, click the image to join.  You will not only get access to the un-ghosting stuff we do this month, but you will get 6 months worth of recruiting emails, templates, interviews, and processes to make your recruiting easier.