Winning is simple, wake up every day and do the things everyone else avoids

This is one of my favorite quotes.


“Winning is simple, wake up every day and do the things everyone else avoids” – Jim Rohn. 


Very true. 


So what are the things that everyone else is avoiding?   


Take a quick peek at this list.  


Low Value Tasks        High Value Tasks 

Email inbox                                       Building the culture of your staff and team 

Administrative work                     Team or Recruiting strategy 

Filing                                                  Planning and Prioritizing your day                

Organizing your database           Professional development 

Database entry                               Creating your programs brand                       

Meetings                                           End of year review evaluation tasks 

Small talk with your co-workers        Exercise 


This is certainly not a completed list but hopefully you get where I am going with this.


In the work that I do with my clients and teach in the High-Performance Coach and Recruiter, we push for 70% of their day being comprised of tasks in the high value category.  30% are in the low value. 


I created a coach’s scorecard to track their numbers. 


I’d say for most coaches, 80% of their day is spent running around like a chicken with their head cut off doing low value activities, and at best maybe 20% of their day is spent on high value activities. 


If this is you, I’m telling you this is why you aren’t making much progress on your goals.     


Low value activities tend to be about the doing of the work, the executing of something.


They tend to have to do with operations, technology, administration, or financials possibly.


They tend to be the place that most people go and hide because they are easier and more fun to do. 


Coaches love to go and hide in the administrative, technology or the operational side of things because there’s not very much pressure there. 


High value activities tend to be about the planning or orchestration of something.


They tend to be about the getting of the money for fundraising.


They tend to be about the getting of your recruits attention.


Or it tends to be about getting leverage.


And this tends to be the area that most coaches avoid because this is where the pressure lives.


This is where the landing a big recruit happens, where the negotiation happens, where there’s friction possibly, or where relationships might get slightly tested because you’ve got to negotiate/change something.


This stuff is hard.


But when you wake up every day and spend 70% of your week on these high value tasks (the things that everyone else avoids), winning is simple.


Action Steps for this week: 

As you are headed into a new week, I want you to look at the activities you have planned in your coming days or week and ask yourself, 


 “Are the most valuable activities scheduled in my prime working hours?


Have they been blocked and tackled properly?


The activities that are lower activities, how can I get those off my plate as swiftly as possible through automation, delegation, outsourcing, or systematization?”


Now for some of you, there might be some activities I listed inside of the low value area that you just like doing and that’s fine.  

Trust me, I could spend all day organizing because I love it. 


For you, just know what they are and consider what you’re giving up by doing them. 


Don’t be the person spending all day on low value activities and then complaining about the fact that you’re not getting the results that you wanted.


You will become far more valuable to your program, and the trajectory, the opportunity, and the possibilities that you create for yourself by constantly engaging yourself in those higher value areas causes you to just leapfrog over any blockages or obstacles that you have.


Momentum will carry you forward. 


If you want my 1:1 help to implement this, email me to set up a call.  I will be releasing the High Performance Coach and Recruiter again towards the end of May as the school year is wrapping up.  Or, if you want me to come to campus and work with your entire athletic department on things like, this, shoot me an email and we can talk through what a workshop would look like.

To your success,

Mandy Green

Busy Coach

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