Why the things you DON’T do are the most important to success

If you want to avoid getting cavities…
Which of these actions would have a bigger impact?
a) Giving up a 6 Coca-Cola per day habit
b) Getting your teeth cleaned 2x’s per year
The answer is…
Stop drinking 6 cokes per day.
And if you want to avoid gaining weight…
Which of these actions would have a bigger impact?
a) Giving up daily post-dinner 2000 calorie binge-snacking Ben & Jerry sessions
b) Adding a green juice in the morning
The answer is…
Stop doubling your daily calorie intake after dinner.
The Lesson: Deleting bad > Adding good
The benefits of adding a green drink or cold shower to your life are marginal compared to removing daily drinking, toxic people, and negative environments.
Your 2-3 BAD habits have MORE of an impact on your success than 2-3 good habits.
So… Stop snoozing. Stop drinking. Stop bingeing. Stop social media scrolling.
If you want an easy way to make your coaching or personal life better…
Remove the ball-and-chain holding you back.
Eliminate the negatives from life.
You really don’t need more good right now… you just need less bad to make the progress you are after…
So that the good can do it’s work without the bad dragging you down.
The weight and impact of your bad behaviors will forever hold you back…
No matter how many good behaviors you add to your good Column…
The only way you win in the long run is to remove the negatives.
This is why I am a big proponent of…
Sustainable success through disciplined subtraction.
I am here to help if you need the extra accountability, coaching, planning, etc.  


It can make a massive difference in your life. 

To your success,

Mandy Green

Busy Coach

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