The goal of this meeting is to spend 1-2 hours with your staff simply talking about the program in a different location than your office.

Weekly Staff Brainstorming

The third and final weekly meeting rhythm for achieving insane progress in your program is also

the simplest…

It’s something I call “Weekly Staff Brainstorming” or W.S.B. (which I just came up with as I’m writing this newsletter!)

Unlike the Daily Huddle and WAM that I have talked about the last 2 weeks, the Staff Brainstorming meeting is meant to be casual and free flowing.

The goal of this meeting is to spend 1-2 hours with your staff simply talking about the program in a different location than your office.

What trends are you seeing?

What problems are you experiencing?

What big ideas do you have?

What do you think the program could be doing better?

You could get together at a restaurant or coffee shop and simply talk about the program while you share a meal.  When I was an assistant soccer coach at the University of Utah, we used to do this meeting on the golf course that was on campus.

It was my most favorite meeting of the week 😊

Not only did we start to suck a little less at golf at the end of my time there, but we also got a lot of staff bonding in. 

Being in a different location away from the chaos also got us thinking from a different perspective which generated a ton of different ideas that we probably wouldn’t have thought of had we just been sitting in our normal environment.  (Kind of like how you get your best ideas while in the shower or on the toilet.)

The goal of this meeting is to make the time and space you and your staff need to stop looking at the proverbial trees and see the entire forest.

In my 23 year coaching career, I’ve seen how easy it is to get lost in specific projects, during season craziness, and strategies…

… And to spend so much time working on your program that you never step back to ask if you’re working on the right things.

By simply sitting down once a week to talk about how things are going and how they could be going better, you’ll make better decisions, make fewer mistakes, and progress your program much much faster.

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