I hope for you that this is YOUR YEAR to accomplish all your wants, hopes, and dreams.    

The Reasons Coaches WILL Delay Progress IN 2023

You hear this pretty much every year.   


You made a list of things you plan to accomplish. 


Otherwise known as New Years Resolutions. 


They’ll be eerily similar to the ones you made for 2022 but it was so long ago you forgot and have never taken the time to compare the list from year to year for similarities / trends etc… 


As we are 8 days into the new year, I wanted to pass along a list of reasons you’ll likely fall far short of your 2023 goals (how many are you guilty of?): 


  1. You’re addicted to instant gratification. Otherwise stated you’re treating a marathon like a sprint. 


  1. You’re consumed with the ‘little stuff’ that doesn’t matter (what you’ll wear, what you’ll eat etc..). 


  1. Spending time-consuming social media. 


  1. You’re waiting until you’re “ready”… 


Reasons come first and answers come second. You’ll never be ready to make a jump in and start swimming. 


  1. Staying in your head ‘deciding’ if it’s the RIGHT MOVE for you.  


  1. Worrying about people judging you. 


  1. Feeling selfish for wanting to change. 


  1. Telling yourself the ‘timing isn’t right’ because of the pandemic, in-season, off-season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, upcoming school holiday break, summer holidays… and the list goes on. 


Remember, start swimming. 


  1. Worrying that you’re rushing it and will regret it later. 


  1. Feeling that you’re unworthy and underserved. 


  1. You don’t surround yourself with people that can help you. 


Your greatest successes come through other people… and the people that helped you get ‘here’ will likely not help you get ‘there’. 


  1. You don’t track your progress and therefore don’t realize you’re actually making gains. 


  1. You made a list of things you want but not a list of WHY you want them. 


When I do a water fast, I create a list of reasons WHY I want to complete it and each time I get hungry rather than grabbing a chocolate bar… I read my list of REASONS. 


BOOM… hunger subsided and bigger picture dominates the little picture. 


  1. This one needs to be the first and the last. 


‘You’re addicted to instant gratification. Otherwise stated you’re treating a marathon like a sprint’ 


So coach, what was your number? How many on this list are you guilty of?   


This list was sent to me by one of my coaches a few years ago to help keep me on track. 


I was guilty of all of them.  Still am guilty at times.   


At least once a month as I review the gains I’ve made, I pull this list out and it helps me assess what is causing me to fall short or get off track with what I am trying to accomplish. 


I hope for you that this is YOUR YEAR to accomplish all your wants, hopes, and dreams. 


As you are working towards gaining momentum and traction towards your goals in this new year, I have a few resources for you to check out.   


Going into this new year, if nothing changes, nothing changes. If you go in the next year doing the same thing with the same mindset, the same plan, the same methodology, the same perspective, you would be crazy to think that you are going to get a different result. We can’t afford to rely on simply luck or are simply hope. I just did a Recruiting Made Simple Masterclass where I lay out a plan to Win in 2023.  Click here to watch the replay.   

To help you get consistent with your daily activities, I created a 2in1 planner/journal.  This daily planning system is meant to help those who  

  • Want to get consistent with planning for goal achievement. 
  • Want to get better at prioritizing key activities that will help build their program.  
  • Want to get control over their email. 
  • Want to delegate tasks better.  
  • Want to provide more value to their program to get promoted. 
  • Want to get better results in less time.  
  • Want to reduce the time it takes to operate the program to free up time to coach more.   
  • Want to eliminate random pieces of paper and keep everything you are doing throughout the year in 1 place.  

To your success in 2023, 

Mandy Green