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The key to skyrocket your recruiting engagement

Hey Coach!

As you know if you have been following me for a while, I am all about finding simple ways to leverage your time and results.   


Today, I have a tip that can supercharge your recruiting efforts.  


So, here’s a surprising fact – being too smart might be costing you recruits!  


Research reveals that people are more likely to engage from those who communicate at a 4th or 5th-grade level.  


It sounds wild, but consider this 


Obama spoke at a 9th-grade level, 


George Bush at a 7th grade level, 


… and Trump? He spoke at a 4th grade level.  


In fact, it’s suggested that because Trump spoke at a 4th-grade level, it increased his authenticity and connection with his audience. 


NOW, THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS AT ALL, it’s about communication  


The key takeaway here isn’t to dumb down your content to your recruits, but to simplify it.  




Because a confused mind never buys (or engages).  


When a recruit is confused, they do nothing, which isn’t good for you coach.  


Which means you are creating double the work for yourself.   


So when you’re speaking to recruits and their families while on a campus visit, on the phone, or in emails, aim for clarity and simplicity in your language.  


It’s going to help make the recruiting process faster.  


A handy free resource for this is Hemingwayapp.com.  


It’s great at showing you exactly what grade level you’re speaking or writing at. 


Make it easy for people to understand your message and watch your recruiting engagement begin to soar! 


To your success,  

Mandy Green 


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