The 3 advantages successful people use to get ahead

Want to get ahead? Discover the 3 advantages successful people swear by!

The 3 advantages successful people use to get ahead

Hey Coach,

As you head into the summer months, I know that this is a big time for you to recharge your batteries and retool for next year. 

In this newsletter, as you are probably trying to figure how to retool, I want to share with you an important lesson I learned while listening to a podcast with Darren Hardy, author of one of my favorite books The Compound Effect.  

Darren used to be the editor of Success Magazine.  He was talking about what separates the extraordinary few who rise from obscurity to grace the cover of his magazine cover from everyone else.  

And what makes the difference between achieving a small goal and accomplishing something monumental?  

In all of his years interviewing successful individuals, he discovered it’s not their upbringing, education, innate intelligence, or talent. Many people with dire childhoods, no unique advantages, no advanced education, or extraordinary talents have risen to the pinnacle of success.  

Surprisingly, he said it’s also not about hard work, perseverance, grit, determination, goal setting, or a positive mindset—traits commonly associated with success. While these attributes are important, they alone don’t explain the staggering success of the top achievers.  

What, then, sets these individuals apart?  

After 25 years of research, Darren identified three distinct advantages and I want to share those with you today in this newsletter. 

These three advantages are access to counsel, connections, and strategies. These advantages have propelled individuals with similar abilities, commitment, and mindset to achieve exponentially more than their peers.  

The best get the best to coach them 

The best in the world go out and get the best in the world to advise, counsel, train, and coach them. 

They leverage the proven experience and wisdom of those who already know what it is that they want to learn, and who have already done what it is that they seek to do.  

This massively accelerates their success and is one of the greatest ways they gain advantage over their peers and competitors.  

An advisor with the right experience, training, and guidance can help you compress your growth progress from decades into days.  

This is why you see the best athletes, singers, surgeons, and top entrepreneurs all get the best advisors, managers, and coaches.  

Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt of Google, and Bill Gates all sought out great coaches to help them up their game.  

Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have all reported using coaches on a regular basis to advance in their careers.  

To take your life to the next level, you want to seek out the best advisors to help you get there. 

The next one is connections.  

As human beings we raise or lower our performance to match the pace, the expectations, and the performance level of our reference group.  

Who you associate with can have a massive influence over your life.  

One of the greatest limitations preventing people from being able to raise their game and change their life is that they aren’t connected to reference groups that can help them reach their goals. Those who do get connected are the ones who thrive.   

That is why the rich get richer and the  successful keep getting more and more successful. It is because of who they are associating themselves with.  

I know that it’s hard to find and develop relationships with these important associations.  

But it is one of the most important advantages that you’ll need if you truly want to rise up and do something extraordinary and significant. 

You have to know the right strategies.  

The top performers in the world do whatever it takes to gain access to the strategies and systems that allow them to execute at a much higher level than others and their competition.  

Most people are constantly just floundering, just guessing at what to do, and operating out of trial and error.  

They don’t have an actual strategy or a proven plan to follow.  

But the good news is this. As Richard Branson said, once you created the success in one area, you can create success in many more areas by following the same set of principles.  

Which means, if you want to take your life to the next level, the key is to gain access to what those proven principles are. 

Coach, whatever you want to become great at, it doesn’t matter if it’s coaching, recruiting, golf, tennis, fishing, hunting, archery, singing, painting, pottery, parenting, writing, teaching, or whatever, the formula is to go gain these three advantages.  

Go get the best counsel that you can with those who have proven to do excellently what you want to accomplish.  

Associate with other like ambitious people pursuing and sharing ideas about the same thing you are pursuing.  

Gain the advanced strategies of how to do it right, avoiding the trial and error and headache and heartache. 

How can you, as a college coach or administer, get access to these three advanced advantages to take your influence to the next level? Keep an eye out in your email this week for my new version of the High Performance Coach and Recruiter.  

To your success,  

Mandy Green  

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