The constant theme in the world today is to focus on your mindset.

The #1 enemy of success isn’t mindset…it’s this…

Hey Coach!  


Have you ever thought to yourself… 


I’ve listened to all the podcasts 

I’ve read all the right books 

I’ve even taken a few action steps 


I’ve made some progress, yet why…. am I still struggling to reach that next level ?? 


The constant theme in the world today is to focus on your mindset. 


If you know enough and keep the right attitude THEN you’ll be successful. 


But what if I told you that the wrong mindset wasn’t actually the biggest thing standing in your way of success ?? 


Here is something powerful that I learned from a man named W Clement Stone, who was known for saying one phrase and one phrase only a hundred times a day.  


In fact, he said it’s what caused him to become a billionaire.  


If you worked for W Clement Stone … you ALSO had to say this phrase 100 times a day. 


What was the phrase?  


Do it now. 


He said. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now.  


A hundred times a day. 


Why is this so powerful? 


Because he knew that the number one enemy of success isn’t mindset.  


It’s delay. 


W Clement Stone knew this secret and didn’t want ANYTHING standing in the way. 


This is why he made it a priority to say this over and over! 


Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. 


He knew that when you keep on saying it, that phrase will drop down into you and you will have no choice but to start to fully believe it and fully exercise it for yourself! 


I like this saying:  


“Procrastination is the assassination of your destination.” 


So if you want to get out of delay and stop being stuck, I encourage you to  




To Your Success,  

Mandy Green 

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