Sunday Q&A with Mandy- How to leverage your time for better results

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Sunday Q&A with Mandy- How to leverage your time for better results

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.  I have felt very productive because I was actually home so was able to get caught up on 100 different things.  Love it.  

 So, in case you didn’t know, I work one-on-one with a good number of coaches and administrators all over the country.  

Usually when we first start, I find that the #1 mistake they are making when it comes to time management is NOT a lack of planning…

It’s simply not knowing what to focus on and when.

Identifying your priorities and properly organizing your days, weeks, and months around them is how you get maximum results in minimum time…

…And with the LEAST possible amount of stress on you.

This includes making changes in your current schedule wherever necessary.

Common sense? Sure…

But the problem is… that’s all easier said than done, especially when you are in season.

As you probably already know, this is a favorite subject of mine—and it’s always a hot topic for my private coaching clients.

So to help YOU leverage your time for better results… 

Today I’m sharing some of the most useful questions and answers I’ve recently provided clients on that very subject.

Q: “Mandy, I’m stressed out with office work, recruiting, and my team because I feel I don’t have enough personal time. Help!”

Let’s rebuild and be more intentional about how you set up your week:

First, identify what your partner and kids want from you in terms of time. That goes first.

Second, what is your minimum effective dose of exercise… that goes next. (We can add more later if you want to).

Third, learning time.

Fourth, recovery time.

Fifth, evening routine.

Sixth, deep work morning routine.

Seventh, cut off time and planning time.

Eight, now it’s time to add recruiting calls & team meetings.

That’s it!

The problem is most people do this backwards (or skip half of the steps).

When you understand this simple concept…

You’ll recognize how unnecessary work… recruiting calls that run too long… and meetings that could have been emails—ALL bleed over and steal precious time from everything else.

Work will always expand to fill the time available for it. That’s Parkinson’s Law.

But when you have your priorities in order you can make time for what matters most… 

And you’ll be amazed by how your work fits into what’s left. 

Try scheduling out your week this way for a few weeks and let me know how it goes.  It is a game changer if you choose to do it. 

Q: “Mandy, I am resisting your advice to get up 15 minutes earlier… self-care is super important to me… but somehow I’m still a stressed mess and I am all over the place with building my program.”

Here’s the truth about self-care…

The best thing you can do is get up 15 minutes earlier and spend that time moving your life/team/program/recruiting ahead.

Work on the #1 thing that can create the biggest impact in whatever your current focus is (health, family, recruiting, team, development, personal skill development, personal finances, etc.) 

Now you’ve guaranteed a victory in your day…

So you are less stressed…

And sleep better at night!

You can continue to ignore me and pay the price…

Or you can challenge your beliefs and try it for 21 days and judge for yourself. 

I hope my answers to these 2 questions gets you thinking through your week.   

Give these things a try and let me know how they go!  

To your success,  

Mandy Green 

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