So stick with me for the next two minutes and I’ll show you the 7 steps I use to fix my one-on-one coaching clients' work schedules…   

Stop Working 24/7 with these 7 steps (plan this today before tomorrow)

Happy Sunday!

Today, I want to give you a few simple steps to help you stop working 24/7. 


(Yes, even if you are in season right now)


With all of the hats coaches need to wear, most feel they are buried in team or recruiting projects… 


Working late into the evening and missing out on time with their families. 


 Because we are stuck in the mindset that if I am not always hustling and grinding, I will fall behind.  


So stick with me for the next two minutes and I’ll show you the 7 steps I use to fix my one-on-one coaching clients work schedules… 


…And how YOU can do the same. 


1. Set hard boundaries 


Start by setting clear boundaries with your staff and team. 


The goal is to eliminate distraction and interruptions so you can get through your work faster and more efficiently. 


This means letting people know when you are and are not available… 


And the appropriate times and ways for communicating with you. 


2. Turn “ON” rituals in the morning 


This provides you with a psychological cue that signals when it’s time to go from being a “super parent” to “super head or assistant coach” of your program.  


This can be anything from a quick gratitude exercise…  


Listening to a song that gets you dialed in…  


Or putting on a hat or article of clothing that shows you’re in “work mode”. 


Having these turn-on rituals is key if you’re struggling to get at it first thing in the morning. 


3. Shut “OFF” systems at night 


It’s one thing to turn yourself on in the morning…  


But if you can’t turn off work at night, you’re going to run into a lot of trouble with your family.  


So we need to install systems that can help you transition from super coach back to super parent/partner/spouse. 


The most important thing is setting a cut off time for when you end your work day… 


Figure out what this will be, set an alarm on your phone, and STICK to it! 


I like to finish my work days with a “brain dump,” followed by planning the next day. 


This clears my head and alleviates anxiety about work…  


Because I’ve acknowledged everything and know I have a plan. 


4. Add new habits 


Get rid of the bad habits that hold you back and make you work all the time… 


Do you constantly check email? Scroll social media? Stop in the middle of a work block to walk down the hall to talk with another coach?  


Identify the things that are holding you back…  


Then add in good habits which break that vicious cycle and instead create a “virtuous cycle”. (ex. Putting your phone on airplane mode, checking email at set times each day, only can chat once a program building task is done, etc.) 


5. Fix your environment  


If you’re sitting in a distracted work environment you’re never going to get your work done.  


If you’ve got your phone, other coaches, and other distractions surrounding you, we have to fix that. 


Keep your desk clear of clutter… 


And make sure all distractions (phone, snacks, books, etc.) are at least out of arm’s reach. 


6. Track and test  


Track what you’re doing and record the results. 


Then just do more of what worked each week and less of what didn’t.  


Whenever something seems like it’s having a negative impact, remove it and see if that helps. 


This might seem simple but do not underestimate how powerful it is. 


7. Get hardcore accountability  


Are you accountable to somebody you deeply do not want to disappoint? 


If not, get a coach.   


Coaches who hire me know I will hold them to everything they said they’d do and provide guidance to help.  


Having that kind of accountability to someone can help you move mountains in you life…  


Just like it’s helped me move mountains in mine. 




Take 10 minutes this weekend to go through these 7 steps and plan how you can implement them next week. 


I guarantee that when you do, not only will you find yourself working fewer hours… 


You’ll also start seeing better results in all areas of your life, career, and program (almost immediately). 


Let’s Win Together 




PS – If you want more help building systems in your life, program, recruiting, or staff so that you can work less, achieve more, and live the fullest life possible with your family… 


You can book a free, no obligation info call by emailing me to find out how I can help. (I am switching my calendar system at the moment so email me some days and times that work for you).  


*Coaches Serious About Building Their Programs Only Please* 


Mandy Green 

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