I believe success is simple, once you accept how hard it is.  

Start winning the game of life by eliminating these self-inflicted wounds

I have a lot of clients setting up calls with me to review their performance from this past school year.   

I wanted to share this simple tip today as you head into the summer and start planning on how to win more next year.   

I believe success is simple, once you accept how hard it is.  

And I mean it.  

I talk to a lot of coaches and athletic directors every week and get asked if there’s some growth hack or “weird trick” successful people know about that they don’t.  

There really isn’t.  

The only “weird trick” I’ve found is called…  

“Know what you want out of life and do the things you need to do to get it.” 

More specifically…  

If you want to make success easier and the right decisions automatic… 

You need to get crystal clear on your values and vision.  

Because when you know exactly what you want and what you value…  

Everything else becomes easier.  

Should you go to Vegas for that bachelor party? 

Should you skip your workout and order from Door Dash instead? 

Should you cancel date night because you want to make one more recruiting call? 

Should have a couple of drinks with your friends… even though you drove? 

The wrong answer to these questions can literally ruin your life, your marriage, or your career.  

But when you know what you value…  

If you know what your vision is (and what actions will take you closer to it)…  

These decisions don’t even come up on your radar.  

…You simply act in alignment with your values automatically.  

Every decision is easy when you know what matters. 

Because your values and vision drive every decision. 

If you value a happy marriage and great relationship with your kids?  

Stay the heck out of Vegas.  

If your vision is to live a long life with tons of energy?  

Get your butt in the gym and forget about junk food.  

Want to keep the greatest partner you’ve ever met? 

Then stop sacrificing date nights for “one more recruiting call” at the office because you aren’t willing to be disciplined with your time and attention.  

(No excuses on this one… I’ve been working with coaches who have no staff or who coach multiple teams, or entrepreneurs who are way busier than anyone else you’ll ever meet… and they still make it home for date night each week, so can you).  

Unless you want to be “That guy” or “That girl” who had it all and then threw it all away…  

You MUST set clear rules and boundaries for yourself to make your decisions automatic and keep you out of trouble… 

…And then get accountable to those rules and boundaries with someone you deeply don’t want to disappoint.  

Know what’s important. Know what isn’t.  

And act in alignment with that knowledge.  

If you’ll do this…  

The game of life is easy to win.  

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share more about how to set better boundaries.   

To Your Success,  

Mandy Green 


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