Sharpening Your Saw

Hey Coach,

1st, Happy Mother’s Day’s to you mom’s reading this newsletter.   


It is interesting to me that I have had a lot of coaches lately tell me they are too busy to read books.  They actually feel guilty about taking time to read when they feel like they should be working.   


I wanted you to share the advice that I gave to each of them.   


I read a great book about Marc Benioff the Saas legend that owns Salesforce this 

past week… truthfully, I read it twice. 


Here’s how that’s relevant to you coach… 


The $100,000 buzz saw in the warehouse needs to be cleaned, sharpened and serviced. 




Warren Buffett and his $84 billion dollar net worth reads 80% of the day, looking for 

insights and accelerants. 


My mentor Darren Hardy reads 2 books, reads over 200 articles, listens to 4 audio books, interviews as many experts as he can, and listens to a bunch of podcasts every single month.  




Stop feeling guilty about taking the morning or afternoon off to revisit some 

training… listening to a long audio, reading a book and educating yourself. 


It’s like cleaning, sharpening and servicing the buzz saw in between your ears. 


Here it is in a sentence: 


Give me an hour to chop a tree, I would spend the first forty-five minutes sharpening my axe. ~ Abraham Lincoln  


I know you’ve heard that before… 


… but are you doing it? 


Sharpen your coaching saw. 




Mandy Green 

Busy Coach

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