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Save time by using Radical Candor

I’ve spent a significant part of this year on the road conducting Busy Coach and Tutor Recruiting workshops. In these workshops, I share my experiences as a long-time college soccer coach and how I used to approach recruits to get the information I needed quickly and efficiently.  

Never fails, there is always at least 1 coach who admits to struggling to be as bold or aggressive as necessary to reach their goals as I suggest they could be. 

One coach said: “What you’re saying makes sense and sounds great, but I don’t know if I can be as bold or aggressive as you used to do it. ” 

I told that coach that I didn’t always speak so directly.   

Before I became a mom, I was a passive communicator who took my sweet time with everything (I later realized it was the source of most of my poor recruiting classes).  

Becoming a mom changed everything.  

Suddenly, I couldn’t spend all day in the office, and I had to find a way to reach my recruiting and team goals faster because, at 5:30 PM, I had to pick up my son from daycare.  

Gone were the days where I could have my recruiting and coach hat on 24/7/365.  

This shift forced me to adopt a new communication strategy.  

Changing the way I spoke to recruits was really hard at first because I was used to doing things a certain way. 

Because I had less time to communicate, I found myself speaking more directly, in a no holds barred, exhausted mom, radical candor sort of way.   

At first, I was worried that I was being pushy, bitchy, or salesy.   

What I found is that it worked wonders.  

I was more authentic.  I was being direct about my views and opinions regarding my plan for them in my program, my timeline, my process, and what some of the obstacles were.   

Surprisingly, the feedback I got from recruits and their parents was that they really appreciated the way I communicated with them.   

As a result, I got new and better information from recruits, which helped me move recruits up, down, or off my list much faster.   

For example, I started to tell recruits how many recruits I was taking, how many have committed, and how many more I needed in their position.   

I knew this information, but I never had been using it to my advantage by sharing it with recruits.   

By sharing this information, 3 things happened: 

  1. Recruits knew that I was being exclusive and that I wasn’t taking everybody, (top recruits don’t want to go to a program that takes anybody at any ol time) 
  2. I was telling recruits that kids are committing to my program (so they could as well.) 
  3. And I was letting them know that because kids are committing, if they wait much longer, they are going to miss out on the opportunity.   

It was simple but very impactful.   

I was direct.  I didn’t beat around the bush.  I spoke my mind clearly and confidently.  I didn’t sugarcoat anything.   

I found that recruits and their parents appreciate directness, as it saves time and helps them understand where they stand. 

Coach, by adopting radical candor in your coaching communication, you will build stronger relationships with recruits and team members and get new and better information faster.  

Recruits will know exactly where they stand and what your real opinions and viewpoints are.  

This level of clarity and authenticity fosters trust and respect, which are essential if you want to get the commitment from that recruit.   

It’s a win-win.  

Coach, be bold, be authentic, and communicate with radical candor with your recruits this week.  Good luck! 

I have more communication strategies like this in my High Performance Coach and Recruiter program.  More info will be out next week about it. 

If you would like to speak with me about how to do this, please just hit reply to this email and shoot me some days and times that would work for you. I’d love to help.  

To your success,  

Mandy Green

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