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Replenish and prime yourself to be your best in 2024

Merry Christmas Coach! 

Here we are on the eve of a holiday week to close the year out. 

My mentor Darry Hardy gave me six and a half things to consider to help prepare myself for greatness in the year ahead.   

Today, I want to share that six-and-a-half-point checklist with you, with my own coaching twist to it, so that you can do the same, sinking into the joys of the holiday time and properly prepare yourself to have the greatest year of your life in the new year ahead.  

Here are 6.5 things to consider… 

To help you to replenish and prime yourself to be your best in 2024. 

  1. Get rest. 

Whether you want to rest or not. 
You need it more than you think. 

WE need you to be rested, rejuvenated, and revitalized. 

We need you to have to have a full tank coming out of the start gate…
When the gun goes off to start the new year. 

Because there are a lot of people counting on you to bring you “A” game.  

Often the holidays can be MORE stressful than any other time of the year.  

Just remember…
-YOU control your calendar…
-YOU control your obligations…
-YOU control your choices…
-YOU control yourself.  

It is up to YOU to PROTECT yourself…
And make YOU a PRIORITY in the midst of it all. 

And that is another key point…
-YOU DON’T have to do it all.
-YOU DON’T have to accommodate everyone.
-YOU DON’T have to be doing it all. 

You can say no.
You can say, “We aren’t going to be able to make it.”
You can say, “Now is not a good time.” 

And you can choose to do………….. NOTHING.  

  1. Go through the Busy Coach planning process. 

All of you should have a copy.
Order it as a gift to yourself if you don’t. 

But even if you don’t I will give you the abridged pages…
To help you build your plan for the year. 

Download now.  

The audio program for this planner is filled with instructions and valuable advice to take control of your day. 

It should help stoke your fires as you build your plan and look to the new year coming. 

  1. Assess your joy/ dread. 

Last week, I shared some great questions to ask yourself at the end of the year.  

Here is a quick review.  

What things/tasks/obligations bring you the most joy?
How can you expand your time, attention, and capacity to do more? 

What things/tasks/obligations bring you the most dread?
How can you diminish, systemize, or drive into a small corner the dread? 

Here’s the goal in life (and what I am focusing on this year): 

Do more of what you love.
Less of what you tolerate.
And none of what you hate

How can you solve for that in the new year? 

  1. Make your life bigger- easier.

Reclaim 4-6 hours of your life a day. 

Mental health problems are UP…
When life has never been easier. 


Burnout is UP…
When work has never been easier, faster, more convenient. 

What we are subjecting ourselves with is the problem. 

The modern world isn’t doing it TO you…
You are doing it to yourself. 

Times are not more difficult.
People are not less resilient.  

WE are literally allowing consciousness to be bombarded like a daily Blitzkrieg. 

The modern crisis…
Is not out there… it’s inside you. 

Our society suffers from a crisis of self-regulation

But you don’t have to.
The choice is completely yours. 

The reason for mental health, burnout, and overwhelm is self-regulation

So, how?
How do you reclaim 4-6 hours of your life a day? 


* Eliminate social media
* Checking your phone constantly
* Checking your email incessantly
* Staying online late into the night
* Pinning things
* Photographing everything
* TV
* Hitting ‘snooze’
* Attending everything
* i.e. Revolving your life around kids vs other way around
* Hanging out with anchors
* Saying ‘yes’ to dumb stuff
* Saying ‘yes’ to keep the peace
* Allowing yourself to be bullied or manipulated
* Taking on other people’s problems
* Procrastinating, decision agonizing
* Staying compulsively busy
* Doing everything yourself
* Multitasking 


* Your morning routine
* Your evening routine
* Sleep environment 


* Planning
* Prioritizing
* Delegating
* Deleting
* Hanging out with engines 

What do you do with extra time? 

* Read more.
* Think more.
* Breathe more.
* Work out more.
* Walk/jog/hike more.
* Drive away from your office more. 

  1. Proclaim three new habits. 

Refer to The Compound Effect (one of my favorite books) for more on breaking bad habits and successfully installing new success habits into your life. 

Use the Busy Coach Planning System to keep track of your progress until they are unconscious habits. 

  1. Decidewhoyou want to be in the new year. 

It’s a FRESH start. A brand-new canvas.
The whiteboard has been washed clean. 

Pretend you just moved to a new town…
And you get to decide WHO you want to be now. 

Who is that?
Describe that person in full detail. 

Then, get up each morning and step into the shoes of that person.
You’ll grow into those shoes, I promise. 

And pick a theme for your year. 

Each year, I pick a word or phrase to theme my year. 

This year, my theme is focus.   

I have big goals to accomplish, and it is not going to happen if I get distracted.   

I need to stop doing certain things.  

I’m not going to read 30 books this year.  I am going to read 3-4 and dive deep.  

I am unsubscribing from a ton of email lists.   

I am narrowing down who I follow and pay attention to. 

Once you have your theme…
Describe three ways you’ll live that theme out in the new year. 

6.5. Be grateful.  

Take inventory of the awesome life you have.
And all that you already are

By acknowledging and appreciating the opportunities and experiences you have, you can boost morale and maintain a motivated and optimistic outlook in 2024. 

Expressing appreciation and recognizing the efforts of team members can enhance trust, cohesion, and overall team morale, resulting in a more harmonious and effective coaching environment. 


Practicing gratitude will help you build emotional resilience. In challenging moments, acknowledging the progress made, the lessons learned from setbacks, and the support received can provide a mental boost, enabling you to bounce back more effectively and stay focused on your goals. 

And finally, I’d like to say to each of you… 

I’m incredibly grateful for this community. I hope you all have time to rest and recharge with your family and friends. 

Showing up and reading this newsletter…
Looking to gain an edge, grow, and contribute to others…
It makes you a very special human being and coach indeed.  

One I respect greatly.
Thank you for doing what you do for those around you. 

I love doing things that matter…
With people who care about the things I care about. 

And I love doing things for people who appreciate it.
That is #WINNING in life! 

I love and appreciate all of you. And much love to your family.


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