When planning your week, figure out what needs to be done and by when.

Planning the Week Tip

Happy Sunday Coach, 

Question for you.  Do you ever start your day with a to-do list a mile long? 


Then when it is time to get to work, you get overwhelmed by all of it, so you just start with the easy stuff and never get to the hard stuff? 


Then, at the end of the week, you feel like you didn’t make any progress on anything major?


I have been there, done that 1,000 times.


A big tip that I picked up from my mentor Darren Hardy is to box up the task/problem until it is time to work on it. 


This planning strategy had a massive impact on me.   


We all are wearing multiple hats, have all of these spinning plates and all of these things going on all of the time.


You cannot manage them all at one time.  Agree? 


Trying to do so is overwhelming.    


What happens is that your brain will be thinking about and jumping back and forth between all of your different things, meaning you will be half-assing everything.


Not a great way to work if you are looking to bring your program to another level next year. 


Instead, do this.


When planning your week, figure out what needs to be done and by when.


For example, say that you need to turn in your equipment order by Friday. 


Until it needs to be worked on, box it up and put it on the shelf. 


You’re not forgetting about it, you’re not letting it go, it is still unsolved, but put it in a box and put it up on the shelf. 


Put it off until later when your more ready for it. 


You are not thinking about it, preparing for it, worrying or have any anxiety about it until it is time to take that box off the shelf put it on your desk to work on it.


Then when you are done, pack it up again, put it on the shelf and know that it will be there when you need it.


That is how you can mentally work on one thing at a time.


As a result, your stress and overwhelm will go down, and the quality of your work will go up.


We all have crazy schedules.


None of us have just one thing going on in our lives. You may have 100 things going on, but if you box things up until it is time to work on them, you can put your full focus on one thing at a time.


If you pack up all of the other stuff that you have to work on and mentally know that it is there, its safe, but you can forget about it until it is time to work on it.


You basically schedule when you think about things.


Is that helpful?  That tip was so helpful for me. 


To your success,


Mandy Green 

Busy Coach

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