Nobody tells you this sh*t

Elevate Your Coaching Career: Discover why focusing beats long hours and how personal growth can transform your work. Ditch outdated ideas and find stress-free success.

Elevate Your Coaching Career: Discover why focusing beats long hours and how personal growth can transform your work. Ditch outdated ideas and find stress-free success.

Nobody tells you this sh*t


There are 2 thoughts/myths about the way you should be working as a coach that I want to destroy for you today.

#1- Measuring your productivity in terms of how many hours you work is completely outdated. 


In today’s knowledge economy, our work is no longer linear. 


Two hours of working in a state of deep focus and mental clarity can produce 100 hours’ worth of value. 


But eight hours spent sitting behind your desk being tired and distracted produces pretty much zero hours’ worth of value. 


When it comes to knowledge work, the depth of your focus, mental clarity, creativity, and cognitive performance matters far more than the number of hours you work. 


#2- Most people will tell you to “suck it up” when you’re overwhelmed at work. 


They’ll say “that’s what it takes” to be a successful college coach. 


I agree that leadership and success add complexity. 


But I also believe that sucking it up or just putting in more hours is the easy way; but taking that approach keeps you stuck in an outdated comfort zone. 


Acquiring the inner knowledge and necessary skills that allow you to have greater influence over your career and prioritize your private life is the harder, yet more rewarding road. 


– It’s easy to stay as you are. The habits that got you here feel safe and well-known. 


– To postpone growing yourself until the patterns of overwhelm and burnout show up again. 


At this point in my career, I’ve worked with thousands of coaches in all sports and at all Division levels who came to me for coaching at various stages their careers. 


Before I begin working with someone, we establish their openness to new ideas and changing the way they approach things.  I always share this John Maxwell quote- 

If you are willing to change your thinking, you can change your feelings. If you change your feelings, you can change your actions. And changing your actions—based on good thinking—can change your life.  – John C. Maxwell

All of these driven coaches decided to do something they’d never done before; to see if a better way is possible. 


And when they looked at their beliefs, inner dialogue, expectations, daily actions, and root motivations – 


They began to see their career with new eyes. 


That shift in them; this new, refined, and elevated approach to their work made such an impact that their teams and their colleagues began shifting, too. 


And their drive to make an impact, to take on interesting challenges, and continue to be a passionate coach – 


Came roaring back with newfound inner fire! 


The best part? 

  • These coaches are not working more. They’re working less. 
  • They’re not stressed and overwhelmed. They’re relaxed and at peace. 

If this sounds like the type of elevated game you’re ready for, schedule a strategy call and let’s explore the possibilities together.  I am going to be running a bunch of  summer workshops for you all in July and that schedule will be out soon.  I just got a jury duty notice and it totally screwed up the workshop dates that I had planned so I am readjusting those dates and will get you the schedule soon.  

Hope you have a great week.  

Mandy Green          

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