My Sunday Reflection About You

Progress requires hunger to achieve and taking action. The Busy Coach newsletter motivates you to pursue your goals with practical tips and strategies.

Progress requires hunger to achieve and taking action. The Busy Coach newsletter motivates you to pursue your goals with practical tips and strategies.

My Sunday Reflection About You

Hey Coach!  

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Youngstown, OH. Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there.


I also have been reflecting a lot on this Busy Coach community and I just quickly wanted to let you know that I’m really grateful for all of you.


For today’s newsletter, I want to share with you a quick thought I had after speaking with a long-time member of this community. 


This coach is a client of mine, and she was going through her plan for next season. 


I had heard this plan from her many times over the last four months.


Something really struck me during this conversation.


While I believe that planning and building systems are great. 


I believe there are 2 critical components for making progress on anything:

  1. Hunger to achieve
  2. Taking action and actually doing what we know we should do. 

Before we head into a new week, I want you to do a quick reflection on why you joined this community/newsletter in the first place.


My guess is you likely joined because you want more time freedom, you want to build better personal/staff/recruiting operating systems, and to build a successful program.


You want to make a real impact with the athletes you coach, and you want to leave a legacy.


And while those are good things to want (I want those things for you as well), the truth is those things won’t happen unless you work for them. 


You have to get the things done that you know you should do, whether that’s preparing yourself to bring your A game every day on the job, delegating to your staff so you can free up time to build momentum in other areas, creating content to attract recruits who will be a good fit for your program, posting consistently on Instagram, establishing a new style of play for your team, or even building that coaching support group. 


It’s easy to just start stirring on things that we may want to do, and never actually get around to doing it.


As we’re midway through June and about to head into a new week, there is no better time than now to actually go and do those things you have been talking or thinking about for a long time.


Because before you know it, it’s going to be December 2024. 


And you’re going to want to look back on the year and be able to say that you put yourself out there, you tried new things, you finished what you started, or whatever the case might be. 


Not a year where you kind of sat on the sidelines, you hemmed and hawed, and you wished you had taken more action.


And so today, I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder on a Sunday to do the work and remind yourself what you are hungry to accomplish. 


Together as a community, let’s support one another in building our collective dreams and winning together.


I hope you all have a beautiful week. Super grateful for all of you, and let’s continue to get after it.


Much love. 


Mandy Green        

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